May 31, 2023

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He went to the doctor for back pain, received an unexpected diagnosis and died within three weeks.

In England, a 19-year-old He went to see the doctor Because I had back pain. To his surprise, The discomfort was due to a cancer that was highly advanced And it was already irreversible. After that first consultation, the patient spent the last three weeks of his life. This news shocked the hero of the story and his family.

All over the world, different types Stories related to medical advice. In many cases, a visit to a health facility may reveal a condition unknown and hidden to the patient. In many cases, it saves lives and in other cases allows treatment to begin No time Attack the problem and treat the condition.

This was the case Carl ScottWHO Went to doctor for back pain It bothered him for months. However, nothing could have prepared him for what the analyzes produced: it was a sarcoma that had spread throughout his body and he had since recovered from it. Died in three weeks.

Los Sarcomas They are a type of cancer that usually does not show symptoms in its early stages. Generally, there are already patients who come to the health centers because of the difficulty of the disease A moderately developed state And it is a matter of the medical field to know what treatments they can do.

Sarcoma is a general term for a wide variety Cancer of bone and soft tissue (also called appendage) of the body (soft tissue sarcoma)”, reveals the official website of the Mayo Clinic.

Carl Scott was 19 years old when he went to the doctor for back pain and they discovered very advanced cancer.Gentileza Chronicle live

“He went to the hospital for back pain, so It was a great shock to hear that he had cancer. I was really affected He didn’t have time to actually process it. It broke his heart,” he said. Claire AbrahamThe young man’s mother, to the portal Chronicle Live. Additionally, she revealed that what happened to her son “still doesn’t seem real.” “He was a character. Always makes you laugh. He was also kind and affectionate. I am an outdoor child. He always wanted to go out with his friends.”

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At first, experts at the Freeman Hospital in the British city of Newcastle thought Scott had testicular cancer, which was affecting his lower back. However, they realized it It was an alveolar sarcoma that had already metastasized in his body.

“Everything was so blurry that we didn’t have time to take much time. I had never heard of sarcoma. I got home and googled it and realized how bad it was.”, shrunk. According to Stanford Children’s Hospital, the alveolar type is more common in teenagers and grows faster, so it’s more likely to spread to other parts of the body by metastasizing, which is what happened in Carl’s case.