May 31, 2023

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He went to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in America and shouted, “$600!” He was shocked to receive the bill.

One Man He went with his girlfriend to eat at Gordon Ramsay’s Gordon Ramsay Steak Restaurant, a famous and renowned chef.. They taste some appetizers, side dishes and delicious cuts of meat, but When the bill arrives They were puzzled by a detail they hadn’t taken into account from the first moment. Despite their assurances that the food met their complete satisfaction and expectations, the ticket reflected the last thing they tasted: bitterness.

They were visiting Atlantic City, so they wanted to sample the taste of Kobe beef. As reported by the portal Daily StarThe diner looked at the menu and He was surprised that some cuts were apparently cheaper than wagyu beefSo he didn’t hesitate to ask for a bigger piece.

He read that a 4-ounce Kobe cut was $25 and an 8-ounce wagyu was $57. At first, he found it tempting, so he ordered the amount he thought would satisfy him.: “I’m a big guy, and I’m hungry, so I order a 12-ounce Kobe. The steak was incredible,” he said, according to the aforementioned media outlet.

One of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant cuts@ gordonramsaysteakbaltimore/Instagram

He was excited and hungry. He did not hesitate twice to satisfy his taste buds and gave his girlfriend the opportunity to live the experience of eating at that well-known establishment.. Plus, he heard that the gobi cut was the best: “I’ve never tasted a real gobi. Nothing you can taste looks like this. It is melt in the mouth delicious. We ordered two sides and an appetizer, which my girlfriend tried Chef Ramsey’s famous Beef Wellington for the first time in his life”.

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I declare”All in all it was a wonderful meal”. “We are pleased to support the restaurant and its staff during these difficult times.¡I still can’t believe that Kobe is cheaper than Wagyu!”, he remarked in an incredulous tone, as if reliving the moment when he was so innocent, as he said.

The meat probably melted in his mouth when the waiter came with the bill. His carelessness was evident and he finally realized that a plate of Kobe was not worth 25 dollars for 114 grams.But the minimum portion was 114 grams, but it was charged differently.

“The bill was over $600 for two people, so I had to read the menu again when the bill came,” he said. Also, he emphasized That amount could have paid one month’s rent in the hometown The vacation in Atlantic City was the most expensive of his life for food.

Gordon Ramsay has restaurants all over the world
Gordon Ramsay has restaurants all over the world@ gordonramsaysteakbaltimore/Instagram

Later, the man took the situation with humorSo he joked, “I’d love for Chef Ramsey to come out and call me an idiot.”

Ramsay is a chef who has many Michelin stars in his career. He often appears on TV shows and his restaurants are well known around the world.