May 30, 2023

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He was the only magician in the world to be paid as a public servant but he was fired for his macho jokes

Chanel was a recognized figure in Christchurch, and it was considered a living work of art.

New Zealand He has removed his official sorcerer, Something unusual, but true, because in this country lived the only government-appointed magician in the world, he was paid with public money for 23 years.

The name of this beautiful figure Brokenbury Channel, He is now 88 years old and his appearance respects his status as an official magician because he seems to have been taken directly from Condolf’s cousin Lord of the Rings.

Chanel has worked for two decades with Christchurch City Council to promote the city through “witch acts and other magical services.” $ 16,000 per year. In other words, for his all-year service, $ 368,000 of public money has been invested.

For 23 years, he worked for the Brackenbury Channel "The official magician of New Zealand"
For 23 years, Brackenbury Chanel served as “New Zealand’s official magician”

Born in England, the magician arrived in New Zealand in 1976 and soon began practicing magic and entertainment in public places. When the council first tried to stop him, the public protested. In 1982, the New Zealand Art Gallery Directors Association said he had become a living work of art, and then in 1990, then-Prime Minister Mike Moore asked him to consider making him a witch. From New Zealand.

“I’m worried that their witchcraft will not be available to the whole country.” Moore wrote in his official letterhead.

“Therefore, I urge you to urgently consider my suggestion that you become a guide to New Zealand, Antarctica and the associated coastal areas … things that have spells, blessings, curses and other supernatural influences that are certainly beyond the power of the Prime Minister.”Moore said then.

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From that time he performed in Christchurch, dancing in the rain in New Zealand and Australia during the drought, and f.In 2009 he was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal in honor of the Queen’s birthday. But he faced controversy with dangerous comments about women.

At the April screening, on New Zealand Today’s current affairs comedy show hosted by Kay Williams, the witch said she wanted to make fun of women for cheating. “They use the trick to get men with money.”

“I love women, I always forgive them, I never hit anyone. Never hit a woman because they get hurt easily first and they will tell the neighbors and their friends, and then you’re in big trouble”, “he said. Said the magician on national television.

El Mago charges $ 16,000 a year for his services to the city.
El Mago charges $ 16,000 a year for his services to the city.

The Christchurch Council responded to these reports He sent a letter to the guide thanking him for his services to the city over the past several decades, and he concluded his contract.

“The witch will always be a part of Christchurch history,” said Lynn McCleland, a council spokeswoman.

The city is launching a new tourism and advertising direction that reflects its new community “It will showcase a vibrant, diverse and modern city that is attractive to residents, national and international visitors, beginners and skilled migrant workers alike.” Added.

Calling himself “provocative,” El Mogo said he had stopped paying because it did not fit into the city’s “new vibes.”

“It means I’m bored and old, but there is no one else in Christchurch like me. Said the window.

El Mako made many false and misleading comments on a TV show, for which he was fired.
El Mako made many false and misleading comments on a TV show, for which he was fired.

Despite being a familiar face among Christchurch residents, his public presence has dwindled in recent years and it has become rare to see him. According to him, the city council has long wanted to make it invisible and not because of new policies that promote tourism.

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However, despite his controversial comments, most people were angry at his dismissal, so he hopes the next few months will be “very fun”.

“They built a hornet’s nest here.”, Says the magician, who maintains his usual appearance at the city’s art center, where he talks to tourists and locals.

In addition, the center is hosting an exhibition of his life this month, with the support of the city council.

The channel says he will continue to engage in public performances despite the shooting.
The channel says he will continue to engage in public performances despite the shooting.

The sorcerer told himself in anticipation of what would happen to him, but for now he had no intention of cursing anyone for removing him.

“I give children happy dreams and generally good health, and I want bureaucrats to be more humane.” He said.

He did not mention his macho and misconceptions.

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