March 26, 2023

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He jumped in a bungee jump, cut his rope, fell into a vacuum and crashed into a wall | Chronicles

A dramatic episode occurred Kazakhstan, Where a girl, mother of three minor children, jumped Bungee jumping From the terrace of a hotel, but the sun hit her head against a wall Causing death Hours later at the local hospital.

Victim, identified Evgenia Leondeva (33), Bungee died after jumping from a height of 82 feet (approximately 25 meters), which caused shock among those who witnessed the unfortunate event.

In recently released films, the woman who did these kinds of activities is seen being part of the roof of a hotel in Karakanda. “Free flight with ropes”, Slogan People.

Yevgenia Leondeva is 33 years old (Twitter).

At that moment, a man speaks to Eugenia “I love you”, She had a protective shield, not knowing what would happen a few seconds later.

Since then, she has become a real tragedy, ever since she started herself, that woman Crashed to the ground and was swept away About 12 feet (3.65 meters) until it hits a wall.

People at the scene reacted immediately and started screaming in frustration at the extreme situation.

Bungee Jumping: Severe Injuries and Death

As reported Daily Mail, The victim inflicted various injuries after presenting support rope problems. For this reason, authorities are investigating the negligence.

As a result of the traumatic event, Evgenia was taken to a medical facility where surgery was performed. Where a Removal of craniotomy and hematoma, However, despite the efforts of experts, he died.

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