May 30, 2023

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He explained what that particular code on airline tickets meant, “no one wants to see,” and they thanked him

A TikToker wanted to share Your knowledge about travel and air ticketsSo Dedicated video to explain what the code that appears is In Some Selected Passages of America. He warned all his followers to prepare It went viral while crossing an airport with this detail. In response, many users shared their stories and testimonials.

about this sssssNote that the secondary security screening test is. They are four letters that appear randomly on some airline tickets. While this is not necessarily a negative thing, it can definitely delay passengers Companies must select one person from each aircraft to conduct a thorough reviewAs the girl explained on her account @Robertaconmaleta.

“They got the ssss code no one wants to see on their plane ticket,” the woman began her video. then, He explained that the letters referred to the review of the passenger who had it, he gave some suggestions to follow if selected. He noted that anyone can get it within the US and on an international flight.

Many people still don’t know what the secret code on airline tickets means

Security measures at airports were tightened a few years ago, and these checks are part of them. contains Interrogate the passenger, check his belongings or raise other questions To know why he is going to the North American country. “There are many different styles of tracking,” Tiktoker said.

Reactions were immediate His video was filled with comments from people who had already been in that situation: “One of the most common reasons is traveling alone. It touched me, it’s always for traveling alone,” described one woman, and Roberta also responded: “It happened to my 4-year-old son, they checked everything.” Others continued: “It happened to me, I was scared because I saw Alerta Aeroporto”, ” This happened to me on a trip to Mexico, as I had previously gone to India with a stopover in Dubai. They checked me up to my wisdom teeth.

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In the same way, others also thanked him for his warning. “He who owes nothing fears nothing, thanks”, “I didn’t know that, thanks for the info”.

Roberta said there are several reasons this could happen and listed them:

Tiktoker said this code represents a complete review@robertaconmaleta/TikTok

However, some TikTokers who commented on his video said that this is not the case, but simply It was an anti-terror operation and the passengers were picked for no reason. “There’s no reason, it’s random, I’m telling you because I’m on the plane and the computer picks them”, “It’s a random anti-terrorist test. I worked by asking questions. They can ask you anything, answer everything,” two people added.

Finally, another observer emphasized it This code may also be imposed at the time of passenger boardingIf aviation security officials believe you have engaged in inappropriate conduct, a review is required.