May 31, 2023

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Handcuffed and in a helicopter: Pedro Castillo is transferred to the prison where Alberto Fujimori is.

Pedro Castillo was replaced and built for Tinos. Chanel N

Pedro Castillo He was transferred this Wednesday night to the headquarters of the Directorate of Special Operations (DIROS), the police headquarters in East Lima, where former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) is located. There he will spend the next 48 hours in the company of legal expert and former head of the Council of Ministers Anibal Torres, who will assume his technical protection.

Castillo arrested in flamante delicto for sedition and conspiracy Commandant Juan E. Benitz Luna Police PrecinctHe intervened in the district of Raimac, from the province of Lima, where he fled the government palace after staging a self-coup.

Guarded by agents of the High Complexity Criminal Investigation Division (TVAC-BNP), at which point he was loaded into a helicopter that took him to Droz, where the former president was also arrested. Ollanda Humala From July 2017 to April 2018.

According to Canal NCastillo was handcuffed and in the middle of a heavy security ring. When he was taken to this institution, a team of the Ministry of Public Affairs led by Attorney General Patricia Benavides and National PoliceHe entered Government PalaceAs part of the preliminary proceedings against Castillo for the alleged crimes of rebellion and conspiracy.

Similarly, the prosecutor’s office visited the premises of some ministries to collect documents contributing to the investigation opened against the former head of state. Earlier in the day, the Ministry of Public Affairs confirmed that Castillo was arrested for the crime of insurrection regulated by Article 346 of the Penal Code.

Police report that Pedro Castillo was arrested. Chanel N

Title XVI of Chapter I of the document mentions the acts attempted against the State and constitutional order, “It is stated that whoever takes up arms to change the form of government, to depose a lawfully constituted government, or to suppress or alter the constitutional regime, shall be punished with imprisonment for not less than ten years nor more than twenty years.” Deportation”.

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Alternatively, the Prosecutor’s Office ordered the initiation of preliminary proceedings for the alleged commission of a conspiracy to the detriment of the prosecution (Art. 349 of the Penal Code). Pointed to crime, it’s about committing crime.

The Supreme Bar Council announced legal action in a video after the “violation of the Constitution”. Patricia Benowitz, Attorney General of the Nationand Supreme Prosecutors Zoraida Avalos, Pablo Sanchez and Juan Carlos Villena.

After dissolving Congress, Castillo left Palace residence With his wife Lilia Paredes and their children. Subsequently, Av. The presidential entourage entered the headquarters of the province of Lima, located in España. Prosecutor Patricia Benowitz and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Marco Human led the process in the province.

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