May 31, 2023

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Great Britain: The Return of Geopolitics | Comment

This can be understood from the speech he delivered in London last April 27, 2022, when he was Prime Minister of Boris Johnson’s government, “The Return of Geopolitics”. New England Prime Minister Liz Truss (Photo, with Queen Elizabeth) It is based on three ideas โ€“ Shakti: Building a more powerful military force, wider economic security and deeper global alliances.

Conflict in Ukraine

Today the main axis of his geopolitical project focuses on the conflict in Ukraine: the defense of this nation is the defense of the “free world”, “freedom and self-determination”. According to him, it is necessary to contribute in this way to the survival of Ukraine, because “if Putin wins, there will be incalculable misery throughout Europe and terrible consequences for the whole world.”

In his reading, it is not about preventing the aggressors from giving in, but about their defeat. Otherwise, anything less than “global security” would be undermined: “We will never feel safe again”.

But still, It is clear that the UK’s main enemy under his leadership will be Russia, accusing him of distancing himself from the Soviet Union, a power that “despite the damage done to the world” was able to act “somewhat rationally” on the world stage. Additionally, his reputation acted as a limit to his performance at the international level.

Russia today, according to Truss, does not preserve the values โ€‹โ€‹of the former Soviet Union: it has violated many measures on arms control and has become a real threat to NATO countries. Its poor economic performance even affects the functioning of the G20.

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In the same line of thinking, Vladimir Putin is just a “rogue operator” with no interest in conforming to international norms. Its only apparent strength lies in oil and gas, which are used as sources of power abroad.

Now, from the army point of view, Truss believes the United Kingdom needs to do more More than it had done up to that point, beyond its substantial arms contributions and the training given to Ukrainian troops long before the conflict broke out.

A) Yes, Amid the energy crisis in which the nation finds itself, the new prime minister will support a significant increase in the defense budget.

Strategic change

Similarly, it proposes a change in strategy not for the defense of Ukraine, but for an attack directly against Russia, which should be carried out in the traditional way, by land, sea and air. With more avant-garde techniques, space and cyberspace attacks.

For this reason, and against Russia, the United Kingdom must play a responsible and protective role against those countries on the “eastern flank” most affected by Putin’s advances in Ukraine. Thus, London pledges to protect Poland With greater military cooperation, the same level of commitment would be achieved against countries in the Western Balkans and the like Moldova and Georgia.

To prevent future conflicts, London will target an idea “NATO Global”, considering the existence of “global threats”, expanding the organization’s membership to other countries from the Atlantic and especially the Pacific region. It wouldn’t be strange for them to implement New alliances with Japan and AustraliaAmong other reasons “Make sure democracies like Taiwan can defend themselves”.

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Apart from the purely military aspect, the United Kingdom and the major Western powers have to do Attacked Russia economically With new and deeper obstacles. Thus, Truss is proud to be from a country that has allowed more people and organizations than any other country to “influence banks, oligarchs, security firms, central bank reserves, and Russian oil and gas supplies.”

The Chinese factor

But they know from the British government that if China continues to cooperate with Moscow, the severity of the attack on Russia cannot be too great. In this sense, he recognizes the enormous economic power of the Asian power and its important role on the world stage, but warns that if it does not follow the “rules”, China may halt the rise that many see as inevitable. In your opinion, Beijing should note the consequences hanging over Russia today.

On the other hand, the Truce government is keen to expand economic ties with the free world, establishing new markets There are also increasing numbers of countries that should come under the British trade umbrella, such as India and Indonesia.

However, the new prime minister’s deeply neoliberal conviction is eloquent when he says that “free trade and free markets are the most powerful engines of human progress,” so “we will always defend economic freedom.”

A third point to take into account in Liz Truss’s new government will be the focus on creation “Deep Global Alliances”, which contributes to the generation of greater prosperity and wider security. Or what the new president sees as a “freedom network.”

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In the face of what it sees as a Russian advance against the free world, London will promote multilateral institutions globally as a form of defensive strategy, one of its main pillars. NATO, the G7 and the CommonwealthHe considers it “important”.

Similarly, the alliance program should be strengthened not only based on the historical relationship with the US but also with similar countries. Australia, Japan, India, South Korea and South Africa. The G7 should be defined as an “economic NATO” and a broad political and business network should be established with 141 countries, from all continents, voting to admit Russia to the UN.

At least to this first approximation, Liz Truss’s geopolitical project makes no mention of Latin America: A comment about Mexico, as a member of the FTA it shares with the US and Canada and which it seeks to bring closer to the UK. Apparently, no There is no mention of Argentina, much less conflicts with the Malvinas.

His intentions have been clear from the start and point to a major confrontation with Russia, his declared enemy, and even deeper involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. “Our War,” whose victory is “a strategic imperative for all of us”.