May 31, 2023

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Gang-rape in PdE: A young woman denounces three men for drugging and abusing her

A young woman has denounced being drugged Sexual abuse By three people during a private party East point Last Saturday January 14th. While the judge investigated the situation, three defendants were acquitted.

The case is in charge of the Prosecutor’s Office of San Carlos, Uruguay. According to the victim’s account, the Violation It would have occurred at the home of two of the three defendants, located between Octane and Berenice Streets..

The accused are a family of three men, two of whom are brothers and the third of whom is a cousin. Although the victim filed a complaint the next day, The case gained public recognition thanks to the Instagram account @feminismo.uruguay He shared the complaint on social media.

Palermo gang-rape: How and when the trial against the six defendants will be

were identified as defendants Ramiro Cabrera, Federico Cabrera and Agustin CabreraThey are accused of giving the young woman a sedative called benzodiazepine and then sexually abusing her.

They are asking for justice on Instagram

Uruguay’s feminist account pointed directly against justice that did not arrest the accused. “Even with evidence such as beatings, semen samples, torn clothes and witnesses who saw, faced and ran away from these tortures, the judge only decided on a measure to restrict access and communication.” says the post.

He hereby promises”Police are the enemy of women” and added: “They make us vulnerable, distrustful and diminishing.”

An Instagram post that made the case public.

The cassation upheld the acquittal of Higuain, who had been beaten “to disgust his sexual desires.”

Fiorella Marzano, the state prosecutor who faced this, gave a briefing to the local media the observer He defended himself by saying that took “first investigative steps”.. Because of this, he assured that proper medical tests were carried out and witnesses were examined.

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This is not an isolated incident in the area, as a 30-year-old woman was encouraged to denounce her victim ten years ago. A malpractice Similar in the same area. The case began two months ago after the woman claimed she was sexually assaulted by three men at a private party she attended.

Upon arrival, she was offered a drink and a few minutes later, she allegedly lost control of her body and was sexually assaulted. She said that after the sexual assault, she could not put into words what had happened.

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