March 22, 2023

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Gabriel Borick wins in Chile, the left is coming back to power

From Santiago

The most progressive leftists Then history is made in Chile Victory of Gabriel Borick It received 55.87% (4,618,480 votes) compared to 44.13% (3,648,394). 99.94% of opinion polls were polled by far-right Jose Antonio Castin. Nearly 12 benefits that put an end to one of the most polarized and uncertain processes since the return to democracy in 1989. Even on a very hot day, the disgraceful decline in public locomotion did not prevent citizens from going to the polls in large numbers. For your future.

Boric logs

Sum of milestones around Chile’s new president: At 35, he’s the youngest (he’s supposed to be 36 years old on March 11) and the highest voter turnout in Chilean history, with an unprecedented 55% turnout, another record.. This is the first time a vice president like him has been sworn in.

In addition, it comes with The referendum process for approving the new constitution This should be done in the first semester of next year. Everything, A decade after the great student struggles of 2011, Who was then president of the University of Chile, was one of the most important leaders.

Lack of heat and transport

It was a complicated day as the country was experiencing a heat wave that reached 34 degrees in the shade in Santiago in areas such as schools and gyms without air conditioning.

A minor problem next door Lack of public movement. Although Sebastian Pinara’s government promised to implement a special public transportation program, pictures of parked buses (buses) raised suspicions of election interference. Popular Communes, Where traditionally left-wing votes are, were the main victims. For this reason, despite the speed of the process, the difficult thing is to get to the polls, again creating big lines.

Recognition by Cast and Pinora

But even before that figure – and the reaction of the war – the defeated man admitted to calling him on his Twitter. “I congratulate him on his great success. The President of Chile from today deserves our respect and constructive cooperation, Chile has always been number one. Then came President Sebastian Pineau, who, between “advice” and “reputation”, told him: “This is the greatest citizen participation in a long time. Democracy has been granted and the Chilean people have set a new example of democracy. You were a part of it, so I congratulate you.” .

Borick told him: “I want you to know that I am going to do everything I can to face this enormous challenge. Our country excels when we work together.” Finally Pinora told him: “Take one photo when you enter La Moneta and the other when you leave, because it is very difficult to rule.” “I hope I do better than you,” he told her, adding that on a surprise trip it did not upset the president.

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Meanwhile, in practically all cities of Chile, people began to celebrate, in the field of Plaza de la Dignitad – renamed after the October 2019 social explosion. Chile and Mapuche flags and “People won!” And “not even a step towards fascism.” It’s not small: the lack of heat wave and general locomotion meant there were many reasons to unwrap bottles of champagne, wave flags or warm up with loved ones.

The most progressive leftists

Politically, it marks the return of the most progressive left to power in Chile after four years in Pinara, which represents a slightly skewed right at the center, but did not hesitate to benefit the business class during the epidemics and was severely repressed during society. The eruption of 2019.

The Boric project supports a new development model that focuses on renewable energies, taxes on big fortunes, and advances in science and technology.; Strengthening the rights of women and sexual minorities, as well as health (including mental health), environment and culture.

The opposite plan to the dictatorial and hateful nostalgic cast of neoliberalism, which he proposed to shrink the state, benefit big business, close the women’s ministry (which he later regretted), prevent immigration and create loopholes. For humanitarian reasons, the military must be freed from human rights abuses during the dictatorship.

Great celebration

Before a large gathering of millions of people gathered in Santiago in October 2019, He gave his first public address on a platform near the National Library (some blocks from the Plaza de la Dignitad). In fact, Borik could not go on stage because his car caravan could not move for long minutes, and he had already pointed out the need to redefine “first” until he decided to walk with his fellow political scientist, Irina Caramanos. Hand “level. Finally he had to climb the fence separating the crowd, actually sounding like a rock star, in the background “The Right to Peace” by Victor Zara, Anthem of Social Explosion.

Amidst the fireworks and applause, he thanked the Chileans for “honoring their commitment to democracy” and greeted Maputungun in Mapuche language. “It does not matter at this stage whether they voted for me or my opponent. The important thing is that they expressed their commitment to this country that belongs to everyone. Also for those who wanted to vote and could not vote due to lack of public transport. On such an important day, the loss of the right to vote will not happen again.

Duties of the new President

Borick spoke of dedicating himself to the “process of these changes” that would extend over the next few years, and the spokesman for the last phase of the campaign, Dr. Iskia highlighted Chich and thanked all the teams that joined; But most of all to the women, the diversity and the children who filled us with love and maps on this journey, the beautiful paintings that express the innocence of Chile that they love, the green and loving Chile (…) I do not know that they can not be defeated. ”.

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“I’m 35 years old and I know the story did not start with us, I know for sure. Tireless justice, the expansion of democracy and the protection of human rights from various levels (…) As we are in a new historical cycle, I feel that our project is the heir to a long historical path. I will be the President of all Chile.

Recognized that “The times to come will not be easy” It will have to face the consequences of the worst epidemics of the last century, but also the consequences of the social explosion. As for the latter, he energetically pointed out: “We should never, for any reason, have a president who declares war on his own people.” The latter is notable for the fact that Pinora’s unfortunate phrase promised “we were at war” in the midst of the 2019 Santiago riots. He then repeated the slogan that arose from the audience: “Justice, truth, no exemption from punishment.”

He then referred to the movement from which it arose: “How many of you marched in 2006, 2011, 2012? We are from a generation that comes into public life Education demands that the consumer be entitled to without being a commodity. Even Talked about ending the AFP (Which returns to its original plan), the particular Chilean pension system allows private individuals to invest in money that people are forced to pay for pensions, rather than participate in profits. “We do not want them to continue to trade in our pensions. “

He spoke of defending human rights, defending the new constitution and fighting against environmental destruction plans, saying “no domingo … we can not look the other way when the greed of a few destroys unique ecosystems.”

Finally, he delivered his first speech, “Today, hope overcame fear. The Chilean people have come up with a government plan that can be integrated into moving forward responsibly in the structural changes that Chile needs. Our government is going to be a government that has set foot on the street.

A historic milestone

At age 35, he has the distinction of being the youngest president in the country’s history Borick reached another milestone: this is the first time a candidate who did not win in the first round has won in the second round. But he will go down in history as the next president The process of the new constitution To be voted on in an exit poll during the first semester of 2022, sealing a new cycle in Chilean history, where the spirit of Pinochet will be extinguished.

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However, the new Chilean president will also have to face a post-epidemic economic moment that will translate into a global recession that Chile must learn to face without sacrificing a candidate and a reformist economic program. Before a Senate and Chamber of Representatives without a majority Neither right nor left. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. As well as emerging leaders in the opposition.

Being a Democrat in Chile and forming a broad front with the Communist Party that already ruled during Michelle Bachelet’s second term (2014-2018) is a challenge to the left, which represents the aboriginal Dignity of the tribe. . Although they initially criticized the role of the Chilean ruling concert since their return to democracy in 1989, they were able to garner support from individuals such as Bachelet and former President Ricardo Lagos, as well as the parties that created that stage. Democracy, Christiana, PPD, Socialist Party and Radical Party. Coalition that will undoubtedly change the political map of Chile.

But Borick, who has been a deputy since 2014, has always represented his hometown of Magellan, capable of making risky decisions such as promoting a peace deal after a month-long social explosion in 2019. One year later, with 80% approval, Pinochet’s Magna Carta was replaced in 1980. He felt that the Pinara government should be “saved” anyway.

Although he won 27.91% in the first round, Borick was second with 25.83%, while Cast went to the United States and Republican politicians, owners of AFPs (pension executives) invested money internationally in the particular Chilean model. Rumor has it that economists Franco Paris (12.80%), by chance, met with a third majority – and surprises in the elections, that citizens do not share in the profits that they charge monthly for old age. He immigrated and campaigned without moving from Alabama. Due to an arrest warrant in Chile for non-payment of alimony.

Borick, on the other hand, redefined his speech, Promoting issues such as security, migration and looking to the future, added Iskia Chic, president of the College of Medicine, as one of the most charismatic and loving leaders during epidemics. He was able to avoid the provocations of the Cast people, who indulged in televised debates and social media, fake news and rumors, from photo galleries to indirectly accusing him of drug use (which Borik denied in the entire debate. Shows a direct anti-drug test), before in Chile. A strategy that has never existed has reached the level of political expertise.