May 30, 2023

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Follow the marathon meeting between Argentina and the IMF in Rome

The important things in the meeting can be divided into two records, Though still more. On the one hand, several meetings are taking place, which show some setbacks in the calendar planned by the government at this time of year and advancing on the agreement to repay the US $ 45,000. The IMF owes millions.

Without going any further, Guzman had already met with Kozak last Friday after the end of the inter-presidential conference. Alberto Fernandez And Cristalina Georgieva, President of the International Monetary Fund. They even met a few weeks ago, in Rome. In the hours leading up to his first participation in the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, yesterday in Edinburgh, the statements of President Alberto Fernandez should be added to this line. Fernandez spoke to reporters who accompanied him on his tour when he arrived at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel. “There is a negotiation process.”

“Martin and Belize stayed in Rome with the team. I think it makes a lot of sense for Argentina. We came here to discuss what’s happening in our part of the world. The post-epidemic world is a suffering world. There are many countries in debt. Many countries are in crisis,” he concluded.

When Amphitheater Asked about his last meeting with President Fernandez Kristalina Georgieva, Said: “Negotiations are moving forward with issues that arise in negotiations. There are many competing interests. A financial world has shown failure and is reluctant to change and accept the crisis it has created. Dinner was good. It was a good meeting. We said things openly to each other and we agreed to our commitment to fulfill our obligations, but not at the expense of pushing people away. ” This journalist asked him what a “good” meeting was. The President said it was fruitful. He continued: “We are looking for ways to move forward and find points of agreement. We talked to the flight attendants and it is scheduled to be analyzed in December. I go with satisfaction.

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Another thing is that the meeting seems to have a technical character, but a political element is included. The participation of Belize and Okamoto was explained yesterday, regardless of Fernandez’s definition. “It is clear that Argentina will not be able to pay $ 19 billion next year and we are working to reach a stable agreement. That development will not be postponed, and the cost to society and the plan that can be accomplished over time will not be imposed on us. It is clear that Macri’s signature is inconsistent, and that this is a contract for a financially proposed project and that its failure was proven at first review. “