March 26, 2023

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Fights erupt between FARC and ELN on both sides of the border between Venezuela and Colombia: high death toll

ELN occupied a portion of El Nula during La Victoria’s FARC

The Tenth Frontier of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) The facing year begins National Liberation Army (Then), On both sides of the border. On January 2, 2022 there were several clashes between the two Colombian gorillas That they died in the border area; That scene was in the apartment அரௌகா From Colombia And State Hurry From Venezuela.

On January 2, when the day broke, The Conflicts in the countryside along the border between Colombia and Venezuela. The first recorded shooting began in the Venezuelan area of ​​Tres Esquinas, a few kilometers from La Victoria. On the Colombian side, it is Porto Llaros, Municipality of Saravena, Department of Arauca, a The armed group came across the Arauka River and confronted another on the ground.

The affected areas in the Colombian area are the Department’s hamlets அரௌகா, Municipalities of the same name, Arauquita, Saravena and Tame, especially Puerto Contreras, Puerto Lleras, Puerto Jordán, La Horqueta and Botalón, which have populations living on the other side of the river. At least 17 people have been killed in the region, according to Etelivar Torres, the mayor of Aurangabad.

FARC dissidents, ordered by aliases Gentle Turde, elenos is thought to have played a decisive role Role in the shadows supporting the Venezuelan militaryDuring the events of March and April 2021 in the state of Apure, the FARC suffered many casualties and were forced to evacuate from the established areas. The Venezuelan Armed Forces were defeatedThe horrific deaths of 16 soldiers and the destruction of military positions.

Gentle Duarte is the leader of the Tenth Front of the FARC
Gentle Duarte is the leader of the Tenth Front of the FARC

In the territory of the Venezuelan side of the river covering the state HurryThere was heavy gunfire between the two groups Los Canidos, The area above La Victoria, is the capital of the parish of Urdanetta, in the municipality of Páez, in the state of Apure. They also clashed Cow Keitel, North of La Victoria, at the entrance to the Tres Esquinas sector, precisely in the area where the Tenth Front destroyed the military post of the Venezuelan army last year; This time three corpses were left there.

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Sunday afternoon, January 2, The Displacement of several vehicles of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) La Victoria in the state of Apure.


Had some such precursors to this conflict Murder From Jose Noel Ortega Fontino Alias Cherry, A person with powerful smuggling businesses in the La Charca area of ​​Apure and a close associate of the FARC.

“On the morning of December 31, an armed group arrived at El Zigzag on the road to Dachira in Rio Negro, took El Cherry from his home and killed him. He was buried in El Nula at 5 pm on January 1,” he said. Infobe A rush to ask not to release his name “because it ends up in the cross chair of a few groups here.”

Jose Noel Ortega Fondino, also known as El Cherry, was assassinated later this year.
Jose Noel Ortega Fondino, also known as El Cherry, was assassinated later this year.

In the parish of Rafael Urdanetta, Los Conidos, many producers and farmers in the area expressed their horror on Sunday morning, January 2nd. Gunfire and gunfire were heard in the El Estro sector.

Said someone from the area when contacted Infobe, In the field of Made de Balzo, at the height of Puerto Contreras, but in the territory of Venezuela “A gunshot was heard and four people were killed. There were other deaths around La Plata. They are affiliated with FARC. ”

Null, அபுரே நகரம், Yesterday he was unusually lonely. People took refuge in their homes, while others wanted to leave the place, and the body of one of the murdered was dumped in a garbage dump before reaching the city; Going to Apure, crossing the El Nulida River Bridge, you will find a sanitary landfill where they left the body of a young man.

El Nula, Apure, was found in solitary confinement yesterday, January 2
El Nula, Apure, was found in solitary confinement yesterday, January 2

Even the others who died Balzo Made, But their bodies were found in Colombian territory. Made de Balzo is a hamlet located in front of the Cutufí Bridge, about two kilometers from Puerto Bolivar or Puerto Contreras, at the junction of the road to Ciudad Sucre. It used to be two houses before Matt de Balzo was known as the Prius del Gaddafi, and today it has about 50 houses. The same road goes to Los Bangos. Mate de Balso is located on the banks of the Cutufí River, in front of the Puerto Contreras and across the other Colombian cities of La Playita, El Remolino and Puerto Lleras.

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Top officers of the Armed Forces are on display in planes, luxury vehicles, and succulent dishes., Soldiers on the border get homeless when they leave for Christmas or New Year holidays.

On December 28, 2021, soldiers leave the highlands of La Charca and Cutufí in the state of Apure and ask for a ride, line or hitchhiking in the villages. Someone will take them to a nearby place, where they will take a bus that will take their families home.

Army officers from Cutufí and La Charca on December 28 ask someone to take them to a nearby town
Army officers from Cutufí and La Charca on December 28 ask someone to take them to a nearby town

Across the river

The Apure is separated from Colombia by rivers, Mainly அரௌகா, And river in some areas Cutufí. Communities throughout the entire state of Apur live in contact with the Colombian people on the other side.

On January 2, 2022, the victims appeared in Venezuelan territory, Which was not identified by Venezuelan authorities because they did not provide official information. On the Colombian side, they also reported deaths, One of them in Puerto Contreras, identified as George Herrera.

He was assassinated on December 31, 2021, in the municipality of Dame, in the vicinity of Boyaka. Orlando MendozaIn the same town, a few days ago, a young Venezuelan man was killed by some assassins. Was already starting and starting Increased wave of violence with select massacres.

Colombian local media have reported the news The appearance of four corpses in a sewer in the Nuevo Horizonte field, Fortul Municipality, on the road between El Mordisco and Port Nidia, Their identities were not determined at the time. It was announced this afternoon that one of the FARC commanders in El Potalon, Dame Municipality, alias Freddie, was one of those killed in the Colombian territory.

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The Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC-EP) Distributed Press Releases. On January 2, they did so in the Venezuelan territory of El Nula and in the Colombian aura. They noted that the clashes were in response to an operation launched by the Colombian military, known as Operation Damasco II, which “actively established its infiltrating units in the ELN and launched operations against it.” Tenth Leading Martin Villa In the region, special forces, snipers and the two organizations begin a joint confrontation to provoke war.

In order not to appear responsible for the Colombian armed forces, as they have done on other occasions, they added in the statement. “FARC-E is very clear about who the class enemies are and who we revolutionaries are fighting against. , Those who have been built by their own efforts and sacrifices from their various accumulated actions will never be our enemies ”.

FARC Report
FARC Report

“We leave the determination and clarity to the Araucanian people, to the ELN’s bases and fighters. It was not the FARC-EP that started the warWe will try to unravel the plans of the Colombian military in every possible way, ”the FARC-EP concluded.

Second Report Public servants of Martin Villa, the tenth front of the Eastern Command, affiliated with the SecretariatAs of 12:00 midnight on January 3, 2022, we have ordered an indefinite armed strike in the entire sector of Arauka. We have commanded all our factions, urban and militant, that sympathy with the ELN, the military, the political leadership, the communalism should all be a military objective.

The verdict said, “We will retaliate against this situation by using all kinds of struggles in the war. For paramilitary and non-invasion aura in ELN “, They end.

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