June 6, 2023

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Fascinating invention: They discovered a gold ring with a rare image of Jesus Christ in Roman times

“Fantastic and rare.”

The Archaeological Survey of Israel describes it this way Gold ring from Roman times with the image used by the early Christians as a symbol of Jesus Discovered by archaeologists on the Mediterranean coast of Israel.

The company said the jewelry contained a green gem carved with the image of a shepherd carrying sheep on his shoulder.

In the Bible, Jesus describes himself as one “Good Shepherd”.

The ring was one of the items found in two shipwrecks near the ancient port of Caesarea.

The cargo of the export and the remnants of their broken shells were scattered in the shallow water.Archaeological Survey of Israel / BBC Mundo

Other treasures include Hundreds of Roman silver and bronze coins A major export of silver coins from the middle of the third century and from the beginning of the fourteenth century.

Archaeologists have unearthed images of the Roman period in the form of an eagle and a playwright with a comedic mask; The ring is engraved with bronze beads and a red gemstone designed to ward off evil spirits.

The Archaeological Survey of Israel says it has found the remains of shipwrecks and their cargo scattered on the seabed at a depth of about 4 meters.

The hoard contains hundreds of 3rd century Roman silver and bronze coins
The hoard contains hundreds of 3rd century Roman silver and bronze coinsEPA / BBC Mundo

Jacob Sherwid of the agency’s marine archeology unit said: “Ships may have been anchored nearby and destroyed by the storm.

Caesarea was one of the earliest Christian communities, and according to the New Testament, the apostle Peter baptized Cornelius the Centurion, the first Gentile (not Jew, pagan or foreigner) to convert to the Christian faith.

An image with a humorous mask was also found
An image with a humorous mask was also foundReuters / BBC Mundo

“This is the first case of a non-Jew being accepted in the Christian community,” Sherwid explained. “From here, Christianity began to spread throughout the world.”

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