May 31, 2023

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Far-right Giorgia Meloni wins in Italy | The post-fascist leader was one step away from becoming the first woman prime minister in the country’s history

Competition Brothers from Italy Georgia Meloney Ready to set up The country’s first far-right government since the fall of dictator Benito Mussolini During World War II. Maloney won a clear victory early Monday in elections to renew parliamentReceiving A legislative majority to form a new government with the League and Force Italy’s partnersAccording to the predictions of the results calculated after the elections with low participation of democracy, in Less than 70 percent attendance.

According to the first poll, the right-wing alliance has secured 43 percent of the vote Another 400 House and 200 Senate seats are at stake to exceed 50 percent, putting Maloney one step away from becoming First woman Prime Minister in the country’s historyWith a campaign based on the rejection of immigration, tougher policies towards Europe and promises of less fiscal pressure. Italian electoral law favors coalition partiesWidening the right-wing coalition’s advantage over its more divided centre-left rivals.

The Democratic Party (PD), the main left-wing organization, had to settle for an image that oscillated between failing to mobilize voters and halting the advance of the far-right. 17 percent and 21 percent. Deborah Cerachiani, spokeswoman for the progressive organization in the House of Representatives, said the PD quickly recognized Meloni’s victory and declared its role as the first opposition party. resistance system 5 star operation (M5E) is obtained 13.5 to 17.5 percent of the voteThat’s below the historic 30 percent reached in 2018, but better than the poll estimated.

“We will rule to unite Italians”

At three in the morning in Italy, Meloni gave his first statement after winning the election. The right to “unite all Italians” will rule. “If we govern this nation, we will do it for all Italians” “We will promote integration, not separation, because Our goal is to make Italians proud to be Italians“, he assured.

In a hotel on the outskirts of Rome, Meloni delivered a brilliantly measured speech in which he said: “Italians have given a clear signal from the pollsAnd a sign for a center-right government with the guidance of Italy’s brothers.” The post-fascist leader warned, “Italy and the European Union need everyone’s participation in the complex situation we are in.”

The race to form the government is over

MelonsRoman, 45, It must now close the support of its partners to guarantee the unity of space to President Sergio Mattarella Present himself as a consistent government option for the next five years, the term of parliament elected this Sunday. After the process of forming a new executive is complete, with the president having a key role, the new government emerges in parliament and receives a vote of confidence by half and one member of each house.

In recent weeks, right-wing coalition parties have shown short shrift over the way they choose to form a cabinet if they come to power, and this Sunday the League’s president, Matteo Salvini, took a step in that direction. He has the team in his head. “I look forward to returning tomorrow to the government of this extraordinary country.”Commented SalviniBetween 2018 and 2019 he was known for his tough policy against migrants when he was the Home Minister.

However Antonio TajaniNational Coordinator of Conservatism Come on Italy“The end of the centre-right will lead to a stable government,” he promised on Sunday. There will be no issues related to the different positions of the alliance parties“. The number two of Forza Italia, led by Silvio Berlusconi, insisted that his party was at the heart of the coalition and that they were essential to governing.

Melon Trail

A vertigo surge Melons is often the cause It was the only 18-month opposition to the outgoing government of economist Mario Draghi., supported her to capture the discontent of Italians who faced restrictions caused by inflation, war and epidemics. The 45-year-old post-fascist leader, Youthful admirer of Benito MussoliniKnown for her direct and effective language from her years as a student leader in Rome, she was the first woman to reach the head of government in Italy.

with his associates Tax cuts promise curbs on migrants crossing the Mediterranean, as well as an ambitious family policy that is raising the birth rate in one of the world’s most aging countries. The victory of the anti-European and nationalist leader raises many questions in Europe and changes the face of Italy as it questions its position in the European Union. Amendment of their contracts And his too Replacement by “Confederation of Sovereign States”..

“Everyone in Europe is worried about Meloni in government. The party is over and Italy will begin to defend its own national interests“, the candidate warned himself in the campaign. The representative of post-fascism identifies with the goal “God, Country and Family” and vows to fight against groups that defend the rights of the LGBTI community and “gender ideologies”..

Melony thus becomes A key figure in a far-right axis in Europe via Sweden, Poland and Hungary. His model is precisely that of the Hungarian nationalist Victor OrbanA staunch opponent of immigration and committed to tightening measures on access to abortion.

Meloni’s connections with fascism and his admiration for Mussolini

Successor party leader Italian Social Movement (MSI)A neo-fascist organization established after World War II Supporters of Mussolini, clarified his controversial relationship with fascism in August. “The Italian right has historically marginalized fascism for decades, unequivocally condemning democracy and anti-Semitic laws and unpopular laws,” Meloni said in August in a video sent to foreign media authorized in Italy in several languages.

However, the emblem of the Brothers of Italy consists of a green, white and red tricolor flame, which was invented in 1946 by a group of fascist soldiers who founded the MSI. Several media outlets have rebroadcasted the video these days At the age of 19, Meloni declared her admiration for Mussolini. “For me he was a good politician. Everything he did he did for Italy.”Then he explained.

Rule in a subtle system

This Sunday’s elections took place in a framework inflammationThis is at the end of August It hit a 37-year high of 8.4 percent a year, became one of the main topics of Italian concern. Further Rising energy prices It already threatens many industries that depend heavily on electricity and gas, from construction to gastronomy.

The right-wing coalition that won the elections realized this situation in the last weeks of the campaign Capitalizing on its historical dissatisfaction with the EU regime, it demanded greater emphasis in negotiations on the eventual adoption of an energy price ceiling.. In addition, Meloni’s conservative stances on issues such as health and reproductive rights or migration management could cause tension with Brussels.

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