March 26, 2023

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Fans of Corinthians and Atletico Mineiro, in defense of democracy | They dispersed Bolsonaro protesters who blocked the route

From Sao Paulo

Corinthian democracy. Swellings of Corinthians and Atletico Mineiro They dispersed Far-right protesters Blockers of highways and avenues denying Luis Inacio victory Lula da Silva In Discounts vs. last Sunday Jair Bolsonaroand demand a military government.

Corinthian fansThe most famous club in São Paulo, whose ground is located in one of the humbler suburbs of the city, They dispersed the protesters by removing tires on President Dutra Highway on WednesdayHigh above the city of Jacare, in the hinterland of San Pablo.

It’s a nerve-wracking route: it connects the country’s most important cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and is one of the select cities. Fascist groups In a wave of conspiracies from Brasilia endorsed by Captain Bolsonaro, a fan of Palmeiras and a friend of star Neymar.

The Corinthians lads were on their way to Rio de Janeiro where their side will face the equally popular Flamengo tonight.

Supporters of the Sao Paulo club have seen videos go viral on social media of any truck driver walking down the highway without agitating for the coup or being confronted by a pro-Bolsonaro activist.

Another group of Corinthians barricaded a section of the Marginal Tite Avenue, An important artery of the city of São Paulo, where they hung a wide flag with the words “We are for democracy” next to a clenched fist, in black and white, the colors of the club’s shirt.

From the top of the bridge, strong supporters chanted in support of Lula da Silva, the winner of Sunday’s run-off against President Jair Bolsonaro.

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President-elect and former Turner Lula is a fan of Corinthians, and in both of his terms he would watch games at the Alvorada Palace, the official residence that Bolsonaro is due to leave in a few weeks.

The legend of the Corinthian fan was in a movement in the 1980s when he supported the struggles to restore democracy. “Corinthian Democracy”.

That political-football concept was led by Lula’s friend, the legendary player Socrates, who also shone for the national team.

By the way, during these years of the Bolsonaroist regime, the yellow jacket became a symbol of the extreme right, its fighters wore it in coup parades: the outgoing president wore it last Sunday when he went to vote in Rio de Janeiro.

In his campaign spots for re-election he asked his voters to go to the polls wearing Neymar’s yellow number 10 shirt. Elector’s Star is a declared electorate of a president who did not seek re-election.

At the same time, the bias of Atlético Mineiro raised 3 obstacles during the trip to São Paulo this Tuesday in the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo. Atléticos finally came to attend their team’s clash with San Pablo, which ended 2-2.