May 31, 2023

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Europe is once again the epicenter of the epidemic | The progress of the corona virus raises fears of a new prison or more drastic measures

From Paris

In a few weeks Europe It has become the epicenter of the epidemic. The horizon is shrinking again with the threat of new prison or drastic measures to control the progress of the virus. In the first week of November in the European region Covid-19 has accumulated 60% of cases Calculated in the world. This resulted in another alarming number: 55% of the 26,726 deaths caused by the virus during that period (source WHO) were recorded on the old continent. The epidemic is rooted France, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland The fifth wave in Eastern Europe has already led to the collapse of hospitals.

Continental figures knock out all arguments against vaccines and everything: vaccination rates are low in countries where the corona virus is rampant. In Bulgaria, of the 1,186 people who died last week due to Govt 19, 90% were not vaccinated. Switzerland It is the least vaccinated country in Western EuropeSpectacular outbreak of infection And the incidence rate has increased to 474 persons per 100,000 population.

In total, There are about 250,000 cases and 3,600 deaths a day in Europe to date. Hans Glck, WHO Director for Europe, warned: “We are once again a hub. The current rate of spread to 53 European countries is alarming. In France, the incidence of the virus improves by 40 to 50% per week. The government has rejected the imposition of a new prison population, but has not sought all the other tools needed to prevent a recurrence of the epidemic: The new vaccine campaign, reinforced immunization gestures and telework are all in Pandora’s box Can open In the coming weeks. According to the French Ministry of Labor, public return to teleworking is not currently justified because “the situation was not the same as last spring. Today, 90% of adults are vaccinated. Health Pass.

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Germany, Netherlands and Austria

Compared to neighboring countries, the situation is deteriorating rapidly, with France at a steady but sensible level of virus spread. Outside of Eastern Europe, they exist today The situation in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria will begin to worsen And those who are not vaccinated are directly targeted. Austria has the highest incidence rate in Europe, so it has ordered the imprisonment of all unvaccinated people. Dark days have returned in the Netherlands as bars, restaurants and supermarkets close at 8pm and non-essential shops at 6pm. In Germany, the infection rate is three times higher than in France, with President Angela Merkel tightening her grip on her deteriorating health.

In this context, Merkel decided to generalize the restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated and to establish a duty of vaccination for hospital staff. Merkel noted that the “2G” rule would apply to three deaths per 100,000 citizens. This rule stipulates that only those who have been vaccinated (geimpfte) and have already recovered from an infection (ginseng) can access public places, such as restaurants or concerts. Others will be spared.

Greece is making similar moves when the option of delivering four days a week until December 12 in Belgium is mandatory. Attacks on the Fifth Wave are now concentrated in non-vaccinated countries and communities.. The media, ministers, national and European organizations or political leaders such as the European Pharmaceuticals Agency (EMA) put pressure on these sectors. In Paris, vaccination centers were gradually closed for weeks. However, many have begun to run again. The fifth dimension of the virus is knocking on doors. Since the first wave of spring 2020, Europe has passed three more: in the fall of the same year, in the winter of 2021 and then in July 2021, in the summer. The latter sparked an emergency for vaccination centers, especially in France, after the televised intervention of Emmanuel Macron, who demanded that more than a million people meet in just 24 hours to be vaccinated. Time has passed, ethics have been respected, but the virus is ingrained in everyday life and every week obscures future opportunities and freedom.

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