May 31, 2023

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Elizabeth II’s health: Queen’s latest on medical supervision at Balmoral

It is expected that A plane carrying seven members of the Royal Household landed at Aberdeen Airport after taking off from RAF Nordolt. Shortly, the BBC reported. It is not known who was on board.

to him BBC Royal Household Correspondent, Nicholas Witzel, after months of secrecy from Buckingham Palace – and the Queen’s relative move to Balmoral – the two official statements “say it all”.

“Buckingham Palace’s statement is notable because it contrasts with recent months in which Buckingham Palace has said as little as possible. She said she was still ‘comfortable’ at Balmoral. But Buckingham Palace felt it necessary to make a statement and the fact that relatives are traveling there says it all. As the Prime Minister has said, the entire country will be deeply concerned and we must assume that there are reasons for that. There has been a gradual decline in the Queen’s health over the past few months. clearly, In the last 24 to 48 hours, doctors have become increasingly concerned”.

The Balmoral Castle, One is the Queen’s summer home and her residence in recent months She says to be happy, mentioned as Guardian.

Located 800 kilometers north of London, the castle has been in the family for generations. Since 1852when Prince Albert bought it for Queen Victoria.

Normally, the queen stays there from August or September to October. But this year he moved in on July 21 and has been away from London ever since, suffering from his “running problems”. It is there that he is currently under “medical observation” and his condition is critical.

September 9, 1960 Photo of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, with their children Prince Andrew (centre), Princess Anne (left) and Charles sitting on a picnic rug in front of Balmoral Castle in ScotlandGood pictures

It is very disturbing to hear today’s news from Buckingham Palace. My thoughts and prayers are with Her Majesty the Queen and her family at this very troubling time,” the former Labor prime minister said in a statement. Tony Blair (1997-2007).

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“No change in guard ceremony today”, A banner was announced outside Buckingham Palace, suspending the traditional ceremony after the Queen was reported to be in critical condition in Scotland.

Meanwhile, crowds gathered near Buckingham in London and Balmoral in Scotland to show their support for the 96-year-old monarch.

A sign at Buckingham Palace declares that the guard cannot be changed
A sign at Buckingham Palace declares that the guard cannot be changedDaniel Leal – AFP
Many approached Buckingham Palace after concerns were raised about the Queen's health
Many approached Buckingham Palace after concerns were raised about the Queen’s healthDaniel Leal – AFP

“Deeply concerned by the news from Buckingham Palace this afternoon. “My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family at this very worrying time,” the former Conservative prime minister tweeted. David Cameron (2010-2016).

The Prince Harry and his wifeAnd Meghan Markle who rocked Buckingham Palace by giving up their royal titles in 2020 They will accompany Elizabeth II to ScotlandA spokesperson for the couple told the BBC.

The Queen’s grandson, who currently lives in America with Meghan and their two children, has been in England in recent days for various engagements. They were in Germany today to mark one year until the Invictus Games, a competition for wounded servicemen. There was a show in London tonight.

UK’s main public television channel, BBC One, All regular events have been suspended until 6:00pm (local time) today due to news of Queen Elizabeth II’s health.

After the Buckingham Palace report became known, BBC One interrupted its programs to break the news.

The Prince Andrew, the Queen’s favorite son and in turn the most controversial, moves to Balmoral. The youngest son of the king, Eduardo, and his wife Sophie also travel there.

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The Princess Anne He was already in Scotland, where he had official engagements, and joined them CarlosHis elder brother and heir to the throne.

In this way, Four of the Queen’s sons are at Balmoral or on their way to the castle.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, the most senior cleric in the Church of England, of which the Queen is head, promised to be in his prayers.

My prayers, (the Church of England’s) and those of people across the nation are with Her Majesty the Queen today. May the presence of God strengthen and comfort Her Majesty, her family and those who care for her at Balmoral,” he said.

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton stayed in Windsor while her husband Prince William went to Balmoral. to see his grandmother because her children – George, Charlotte and Louis – started classes at a new school today.

All three children have been attending Lambbrook School in Berkshire since today after the family recently moved to Windsor, closer to the Queen.

Buckingham Palace’s announcement came a day after the monarch canceled a meeting of her Privy Council after receiving a recommendation to retire.

The Queen, Britain’s oldest monarch and the world’s oldest, He has been suffering from what Buckingham Palace described as “occasional mobility issues” since late last year.

His health has been in critical condition since his death was reported last October A night in the hospital Medical “experiments” are to be carried out, the nature of which is never specified.

Her public appearances are very rare and she is usually seen in them Walking with difficulty with the help of a cane.

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In June, the United Kingdom celebrated the Platinum Jubilee, the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. His successor, Prince Charles, 73, hands over official duties.

Lindsey Hoyle, The Speaker of the House of Commons interrupted a debate on the energy crisis in Parliament to announce the news and send his congratulations to the monarch.

A palace source said Next of kin have been informed and downplayed reports that the king had fallen.

Crown Prince Charles and his wife Camilla traveled to Balmoral to visit with the Queen. Royal sources have announced that William, the Queen’s grandson and second-in-line, is on his way to Scotland.

By lunchtime the whole country would be deeply worried by the news from Buckingham Palace. My thoughts, and those of people across the UK, are with Her Majesty the Queen and her family at this time,” he wrote on Twitter. The new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, who met the queen Tuesday at Balmoral.

It was the first time since he took office in 1952 that it had a new prime minister outside London and, according to government sources, It was because of his “running problems”.

Buckingham Palace announced this morning Queen Elizabeth II remains under medical observation as doctors are “concerned about her health” A news that raised alarm in Britain and the world.

“Following an assessment this morning, Queen’s doctors are available Concerned with His Majesty’s health And he suggested staying on Under medical supervisionThey said in a statement.

The palace queen, 96, is “comfortable”. Located at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. He spent the summer there

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