March 22, 2023

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Elections in Chile: Winning the Borik debate and gaining Bachelet’s support The left-wing candidate exposed Cost as a “liar” in the last televised fight.

From Santiago

Last Monday night I eHe is the new Chilean presidential candidate, Gabriel Boric and far-right Jose Antonio Cast (Christian Community Front) confronted each other before the second round scheduled for this Sunday 19th In November. The televised debate, organized by the ANATEL (Chilean National Television Association), was, as a matter of fact, an exhibition of proposals from the first round, as happened in all debates. They represent two Chileans.

That’s it Representative of the I Abrew Dignity Coalition formed by the Broad Front and the Communist Party – one who looks to the future and understands what is necessary. Transition from economy and environment to the rights of women and sexual minorities. LT Cost, The Christian Community Front, on the other hand, is an orderly nation thanks to a dictatorial and controlling elite. Nostalgia for the heavy hand imposed by the Pinochet dictatorshipt, you were careful not to mention it directly.

However, Cost did not comment on the benefits of his Conservative program, which has been sobering up these weeks on important issues such as the Ministry of Women, which he first proposed to close and then put it off. The Nebula is a tax on the great fortunes of the country, apparently, trying to reduce them. The blonde candidate, a descendant of a soldier who served in Hitler’s army, did not mean to be a “Nazi” and Pinochet’s ministerial brother, according to him, and, among other biographical milestones, devoted himself to preventing questions and interrupting the war. I respect the time allotted to you in the discussion.

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Face an extreme right-wing provocation

A style celebrated by his followers on social networks and destroyed his rival’s weekend by insisting on him complaining about “sexual abuse” in an earlier discussion hosted by country radios and then he jokingly corrected that it was really “harassment.” The man, who was finally identified as a victim on Sunday, had to issue a public statement saying it was “outrageous attitudes and that they talked about it.”

All of this strengthened the Abrew Dignity candidate, who was able to face another provocation from the cast: the drug. In many cases, the far-right candidate pointed to the importance of taking a test to rule out marijuana or cocaine use., Although he always looked on without being blamed, established suspicion in front of voters, May be due to the youth of the war Or someone from a more cultured environment (there are videos and photos of him appearing with T-shirts of hardcore punk pants like the youth of his generation). This time Borik, as he casually picked up a piece of paper, summed up the lesson with a test that he had not taken drugs: “I do not want to hold a show.”

What else Cost laughed as he spoke in his nervousness about the fact that the Lollapoulosa festival was halted for ideological reasons, Indeed it was brought to the attention of the Municipality of Santiago – its mayor Communist Irasi Hazler-O’Higgins to decide whether it would continue to operate on those lands, something that the organizers did not accept by changing the commune due to the environmental impact on the park and the call for public consultation that citizens want.

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Borick, who was very prepared to face Castin’s character, exposed him as a “liar” rather than engaging in his provocations. Asked if he was ever able to form an alliance with someone who thinks differently from him, he was able to impose his competitor’s voice (not let him speak) on him, to which he was hard to respond.

Unfortunately, these kinds of debates are more rhetorical than deepening the plans, but Borick said his role models for the presidency were Michael Bachelet and Salvador Allende, although they did not allow him to rule. Cast pointed out that Patricio Ilev was elected after the defeat of Pinochet in the 1988 referendum.

Bachlet factor

Although all polls indicate the victory of the war, they call on his team not to trust himself, reinforcing the various perspectives: from associating powerful faces like one of the most trusted individuals to the former head of Iskia Chic Medical College. During the epidemic Support from successful comrades in Hollywood like former President Ricardo Lagos or Pedro Pascal. Along with this there is an intense deployment of house-to-house work against fake news and right-wing bots on social networks, where volunteers, mostly young people, are trying to convince the undecided voter or to confuse the built-in classic ghosts. Since the return of democracy by the right, the role of the Communist Party, as far as Chile is concerned, is not only democratic, but has already ruled during Bachelet’s second term.

Precisely the current High Commissioner for Human Rights to the United Nations went to Chile to celebrate the end of the year, but met with the war and finally expressed his support in a video, which has created the expected irritation on the cast team. “I’m come to Santiago to spend my holidays, of course, to spend the finals of this year with my family, but I’m also coming to fulfill my civic duty because it’s based on what’s going to be decided next Sunday,” he says from its Horizonte Ciudadano Foundation’s social network.

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“No one can be indifferent and elect a President who will ensure that our country can truly continue on the path of progress for all., Greater freedom, equality, respected human rights, a stable environment and, of course, the possibility of a new constitution.

With a huge gesture, Borick thanked on his Twitter: “The support of former President Bachelet is a great honor at key moments in our history. As he says, to move forward with changes that will improve the quality of life of the Chilean people, we must redouble our efforts and encourage families and neighbors to vote on the 19th. It depends on us. Although he did not give details of the meeting with the former president, he said that precisely the future and his experience as president were the main issues.