May 31, 2023

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El Salvador’s parliament approved a fifth extension of the state of emergency requested by Bugel

El Salvador’s parliament approved a fifth extension of the state of emergency requested by Bugel

Officers of The one savedapproved the extension of r State of exception For the fifth time with the purpose of “protecting the safety of the Salvadorans”.

The LegislatureUpon request Defense CabinetWith 66 votes in favor of the state of exception, they felt the rule was necessary because of the “successful results of that measure”.

“Effects of Legislative Decree No. 333 dated March 27, 2022” contemplates the exception regime, reads the approved decree, extending throughout the national territory for 30 days under the same conditions.

“The results of the state of emergency have been enormous. We have hit these terrorist structures hard, we are finishing this fourth extension and we are seeing how Salvadorans have been able to enjoy the safest vacation in history,” he said. Minister of Justice and Public Security Gustavo VillatoroIn reports collected by a report Presidency.

The President released a poster indicating that “50,000 terrorists” had been “captured” under “exceptional rule”.

To demonstrate this performance, Villatoro was encrypted 50,000 people were arrested –gang members–, More than 1,300 firearms were confiscated and 1,551 vehicles were confiscated. Agents also seized $1,000,000 and $275,000 worth of drugs.

“No one can deny the change we are making in El Salvador. “The state of emergency has made it possible to intensify the war against gangs and remove thousands of terrorists who no longer terrorize Salvadorans from the streets,” the President’s Office explained on its Twitter social network account.

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with text, The Presidency released a poster saying that “50,000 terrorists” had been “captured”. During the “rule of exception”. However, the office did not disclose further details.

El Salvador President Nayeb Bugele
El Salvador President Nayeb Bugele

The minister further said that the country has lived 77 days without a murder during the more than 140 days of emergency rule.


Ahead of Nayeb Bukhele’s request in Parliament, Relatives of those detained under emergency law gathered near Congress to demand the freedom of what they called “victims of the regime”. And they tried to enter the legislative chamber to present a list of demands, but police shock troops set up barricades with spikes and blocked their way without registering the incident.

Last March Congress recognized an exception where limitations on freedom of association prohibit, among other things, a person’s rights and the right to be properly informed of the reasons for his arrest and to the assistance of an attorney.. Additionally, it extends the period of detention from 72 hours to 15 days and allows authorities to confiscate letters and cellphones they deem suspicious.

(With information from Europa Press)

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