May 26, 2022

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EEUU denies a new comment on las fires militias rusas in the frontera with Ukrania

The portrait of Pentagon, John Kirby, is an archive of photographs. EFE / EPA / MICHAEL REYNOLDS

The Department of Defense of Estados Unidos, John Kirby, this new entry in a new increment of las fires militias rusas in the frontera with Ukraine en plena tensiin entre el Kremlin and OTAN sobre la aculosios de rofos in zona.

“Vladimir Putin’s siege tropas en la frontera y lo hemos visto incluso mismo fin de semana”, by Kirby In Fox News, you’ll be listening to mandatario ruso barajando barajando a series of options at a convenient convenience, which will make you “more of a quality moment”.

“Podría ordenar algo pequeña escala, podría hacer algo a una escala relativamente grande”, declared Kirby. “Y podría hacerlo en quququier moment. Depend on Vladimir Putin’s hacer, ”he added.

Russia is the first country in the world to invite Ukraine and its neighbors to visit OTAN to expand on OTAN’s influence in Europe.

Esteen, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski, is the calmest and most inspiring person to discover the significance of Rusa’s rave reviews and games’ games of choice.

Por otro lado, the president of the Comito de Relaciones Exteriores del Senado de EEUU, Bob Menendez, informing CNN that the Altar Congreso normatimericano cimara is the new pacete of sanctions contra russia that is the ultimate application inclusively and ultimately no conflict militia.

Reino Unido tambiin prepara sanciones

El Reino Unido va presents the proxima semana un proyecto de ley de sanciones orientado a un Activities of the “amplio rango” are economic rusas, come part of your search for Mosquito’s invasion of Ukraine, Afrinmó or Domingo in the diplomacy.

Miembros de la Armada ucraniana disparan a cañón durante one ezercicios novels in el noroeste del Mar Negro (Reuters)
Miembros de la Armada ucraniana disparan a cañón durante one ezercicios novels in el noroeste del Mar Negro (Reuters)

The Ministry of Reliciones Exteriors, Liz Truss, indicates that the proecto de lei amplía la batterya sanciones de Londres para abarcar “Qualifier empressa inters for the Kremlin and the Rigime of Russia”.

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No ha a haber you lugar donde esconderse for los oligarcas de Putin”, Indicó Truss a la cadena Sky News.

“Vamos anunciar al final final esta semana una mejora de la legislación de sanciones For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed Kremlin imports,”, Express functionality.

Truss dijo que this project busca que “nadie piense que es immune a estas sanciiones”.

“The principal motivation is to evade (President Russo) Vladimir Putin’s case that he has all the lower costs of this account,” he said in the Foreign Office.

El Gobierno britnico avanzó el sábado por la noche que propondrá est semana a la OTAN un Increase the contribution of britinica in la misien in el esta de Europa. Truss details all about your plans later Increase your effectiveness in Estonia, donate the latest Reino Unido account with 900 military units.

Truss is most asimismo Partial parlizer el gasoducto Nord Stream II, which is a Russian with Alemania, in the case of Mosque ordained an invasion of Ukraine.

The ministra aseguró que no description of “absolutamente nada” in the specials of Rhino Unido for responders in Ukraine, admitting that you are “the most improbable” is the only way to find out more about terrain.

It’s one of the ten most unique places in Russia and Guerrero’s despés where Mosúú despógó decenass thousands of effects in the frontera with Ukraine. This movilizaci gene generator tempos which mosque is prepaid an invoice, lo que ha lvado a la OTAN y sus mimembros a considement in our content zona.

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