May 30, 2023

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Education Minister, Patricia Correa, resigns from her post: “There is no justification for the death of comrades”

Patricia Correa resigns as Minister of Education following the death of Ayacucho in clashes between residents and the armed forces.

Patricia Correa He resigned as Education Minister this morningThe first casualty was within the cabinet that was sworn in a week ago In Boluarte. “This morning I tendered my resignation as Minister of State for Education. There is no justification for the death of comrades. State violence cannot be disproportionate and cannot cause death”.

The Resignation letter “The circumstances that led me to assume this high responsibility are guaranteeing the right to education of all Peruvian students within a democratic and institutional framework, which compromises the future of the Republic,” reads the letter sent to Ceoria. Tina Polwarte.

It also points out that “our country is facing a political crisis of great dimensions that demands democratic beliefs, respect for order and at the same time for the physical integrity and life of every Peruvian citizen, which has unfortunately been violated in the last hours”.

Patricia Correa Finally, “as a country, we also have a responsibility to find the direction that will lead us to provide a viable future for all Peruvians.”

Education Minister Patricia Correa's resignation letter
Education Minister Patricia Correa’s resignation letter

He was newly sworn in as Minister of State for Korea on Saturday, December 10 The Cabinet of Tina Poluarte GovtPedro Castillo took power after being impeached for attempting a self-coup and closed the Republican Congress.

Reviews of Polwart Government It did not stop even after handing over control of public order to the country’s armed forces, which resulted in eight deaths and over 50 injuries on the first day of the declaration. Emergency All over Peru.

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Los Protest in Ayacucho They provoked a confrontation between residents and soldiers of the Peruvian army at the airport and in different streets of the Ayacuchoana capital.

“We weep with the cries of the mothers in Ayacucho, and we feel the pain of families across the country. Today, on a sad day of violence, we mourn again the death of Peruvians. My deepest sympathies to the bereaved. I reiterate my call for peace,” he wrote today. In Boluarte A twitter.

However, a few hours later he announced, “I regret the tragic events that have blinded the lives of many comrades in different regions of the country. This has to stop”

“This interim government, which I lead, understands and continues to fulfill the demands of the millions of Peruvians who have been raising their voices legally, just as we follow. However, I strongly condemn the vandalism “Some extremists have taken advantage of the public’s goodwill and right to assemble to attack the police and the army,” the head of state pointed out.

Culture Minister Jaír Pérez Bráñez submitted his resignation letter, saying, “The unfortunate events that have occurred in the country have caused an irreparable loss to brothers and sisters, and I cannot continue in your government.”


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