May 31, 2023

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Eduardo Jனேrgenic highlighted the role of businesses in contributing to the geopolitical agenda and the integration of South and North America.

Awarded by Eduardo Jனேrgenian, American Society of New York at Night (Photo by Bala Apro Pita / Roy Yohai)

Head of Private Sector of America (OAS), Eduardo Eurnacian, Participated in the XIII meeting of the US Private Sector Forum held simultaneously between Guatemala and Washington. In this context, Argentina’s leading businessman stressed the need for Latin America and the United States.Unite in a new geopolitics “ He further added that the role of business was to contribute to the political agenda.

Eurnekian shared the stage with the first leaders Alejandro Giamattei Guatemala and Evan Duck At the event, chaired by the Secretary-General of the OAS, Colombia, Louis Almagro. In his inaugural address, he highlighted the contribution of the private sector to the economic and social recovery of the region and the opportunity and need to face the next challenges from a united American continent, with North America closely linked to South America.

“Our current organization,” he said of the US Private Sector Forum, “has all the legitimacy to propose new integration into the Pan-American Hemisphere,” and added: “It is time for us to propose from this forum the new platform” in which “Latin America and North America Unite in a new geopolitics. ”

In this sense, he considered “companies have become the source of the future” because investment in research and development in the world has more than doubled in the last 15 years, with almost 80% being created by the private sector, while the education system by 10% and governments by 10% Created less than%.

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“The role of business is to contribute to the political agenda and especially to the geopolitical field, especially when our hemisphere seeks to integrate from north to south”, he said. Added. In addition, he proposed that “a union, a new alliance, which should bring all our nations closer together, and which inevitably involve the involvement of the United States, the largest power in our pan-continent.”

Eduardo Eurnekian's news was broadcast on OAS social media.
Eduardo Eurnekian’s news was broadcast on OAS social media.

In his speech, he described contemporary global problems such as climate change, the uncontrolled advancement of technology that “brings great benefits but, without restraint, poses great threats”. The hands of national states but also NGOs, or even individuals, face new threats to security, including cyber security.

Similarly, the businessman noted the “asymmetrical effects created by irregular displacements, political conflicts and attacks on democracy by populist policies in our region.”

“This Pan-American geopolitics must be structured. The commitment of individuals working in organization, politics, diplomacy, culture or science must support the new hemispherical unity. Otherwise, we will leave all our creativity to the process of self-destruction.”Eurnekian said.

Following Eurnekian’s participation during the inauguration, the President of Colombia also addressed the gathering. Later, a volume entitled “The Importance of Democracy and the Freedom of Powers for the Private Sector” was presented with the participation of OAS President Louis Almagro, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and Maurice. Clover-Caron, Roberto Suarez, Secretary-General of the International Organization for Employers (IOE).

“Business recession during the epidemic and its relationship with 2030 SDGs”, was responsible Daniel Funes from Rioja, President of the CEATAL and Argentine Union and Honorary President of the OIE; Neil Herrington, United States Vice President of the United States Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, “Big Economic Challenges – Logistics and Technology Opportunities for the Region” were led by representatives from Google and PepsiCo. The closing ceremony took place at noon with a speech by the President of Guatemala.

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