February 7, 2023

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During the struggle against dictatorship, Spain demanded that Cuba return the credentials of its journalists.

File image recorded by dozens of international journalists covering a press conference in Havana (Cuba). EFE / Alejandro Ernesto

Jose Manuel Albarez, Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation of Spain, his country It continues to “demand” Cuban officials to return all credentials to EFE agency staff in Havana, while insisting that press freedom is “essential in any country in the world.”

“Currently they have returned two (credentials), but we are not going to give up asking for the return of all credentials. We do not know if the withdrawal of certificates without any reason is acceptable.Alberza, in a statement to reporters in Brussels, backed EU foreign ministers at a meeting.

The Spanish diplomat explained that his ministry had summoned Cuban officials in Spain, Eumelio Caballero Rodriguez, who was acting ambassador in his absence, but he was contacted by phone when he was presented with a certificate for the corona virus.

In that call this Sunday, Foreign Secretary for Ibero-US and Caribbean Islands Juan Fernண்டndez Trico said that Caballero Rodriguez was “unacceptable to this situation” and that they should all return to the Spanish news. Certificates of goodwill as described by Albarez.

As pointed out by the Spanish Minister The government has not received “any” explanation as to why the Cuban regime acted in this way against EFE workers, and hopes that the other three suspended accreditations will be revoked.

The decision by the Cuban authorities took place 48 hours later Rallies called by the opposition on the island this Monday, The government does not approve of the demand for the release of “political prisoners” and a dialogue that would allow the island to resolve the “political, economic and social crisis” that is looming, among other things, according to its promoters.

Pedro Sanchez, President of Spain during his visit to Cuba (AFP)
Pedro Sanchez, President of Spain during his visit to Cuba (AFP)

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Joseph Borrell, the EU’s High Representative for Security Policy, said on Monday that the EU Foreign Service, which he heads, continues to seek Cuba’s recognition of the full accreditation and certification required by the Efe Agency. In Havana.

“I have nothing new this morning (…) we do it”One of the most important issues on the agenda of the crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus was when he came to the Foreign Council in Brussels this Monday.

Following the departure of a group of journalists in Havana, the EU last night urged Cuba to retrieve “all the credentials and credentials needed by Efe Agency staff.”

“The decision by the Cuban authorities to revoke the credentials of journalists working for the Spanish news agency Efe in the country is yet another step to stop the flow of transparent and truthful news from the island,” a spokesman said in a statement. EU High Representative for Foreign Policy

The UGT union of the EFE agency released a statement this Saturday showing that it had been rejected. "Aggression" Affected by the media in Cuba, the evidence for their press operations in this country was withdrawn this Saturday.  EFE / Angel Diaz
The EFE agency’s UGT union issued a statement this Saturday showing the media’s rejection of the “occupation” it had experienced in Cuba. Stock photo. EFE / Angel Diaz

As he puts it, the EU “calls on Cuban authorities to guarantee freedom of expression and freedom of the press,” as enshrined in the Cuban Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and “for the restoration of all recognition and necessary evidence” for EFE Agency staff.

On Saturday, the leaders of Cuba’s International Press Center (CBI) hurriedly summoned the now-recognized EFE team in Havana – three editors, a photographer and a TV camera – to inform them that their credentials had been withdrawn without clarifying whether action had been taken. Temporary or permanent.

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After Efe revoked the journalists’ credentials – just hours before the peaceful protests scheduled for today – Cuban authorities rescued two of the six journalists on the team, demanding that the agency’s head, Gabriela Canas, consider it “not enough.” That all should return.

“Foreign correspondents play a key role in promoting international understanding and opening up communities”Boral’s spokesman continued.

Archive of hundreds of Cubans participating in Havana (Cuba).  EFE / Ernesto Mastrascuza
Archive of hundreds of Cubans participating in Havana (Cuba). EFE / Ernesto Mastrascuza

He also mentioned that The European Union (EU) will continue to defend the role of independent and credible media around the world to “protect the freedom and diversity of the media”.

Further He considers the “pillars of open and fair communities” to “protect the right to freedom of expression, both online and offline, including the freedom to express and receive information without interruption.”.

Earlier, a spokesman for Borrell Nabila Massrali told Efe that the services of the High Representative were “seeking an explanation from the Cuban authorities” regarding the withdrawal of accreditation from the media and that they were “in contact” with the Spanish news agency.

If confirmed, it would be a serious violation of freedom of expression, ”Masrali warned.

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