May 31, 2023

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Due to the surge in Covid cases, health is accelerating the use of reinforcements to avoid a peak at the end of the year

Health ministers of all provinces agreed on Monday to speed up The Reinforcement vaccination campaign against coronavirusYes, before him Development of infection for four consecutive weeks And to prevent what could turn out to be a wave of Covid later in the year.

The Increase in cases In the Northern Hemisphere and Return to the controls In some neighboring countries Area managers were alerted to the new Federal Health Council (COPESA) meeting. Only 15.25% of Argentines who started the vaccination program received two booster doses (third and fourth administration).

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The country’s Ministry of Health said in the lead Carla Visotti, People Attendance can be done on a voluntary basis and should Vaccinate those who received their last dose 120 days agoEspecially those over 50 and those with risk conditions.

How is the vaccination campaign progressing?

According to official data from the Vaccine Monitor, 41,049,293 Argentines received at least one vaccine Against the coronavirus, and overall, 92.33% (37.900.908) Finished the outline The first two sizes.

However, the situation is not so good with the use of booster doses. More than half (53.13%) received the first reinforcement And just 15.25% (6,261,537), second, In most cases, more than 120 days have already passed since the last serum vaccination.

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At the end of October, The government announced the use of a third reinforcement A vaccine against Covid-19, however Public data not available To know the status progress.

What did the ministers agree to?

According to the portfolio headed by Visotti, “vaccinators of all provinces Sufficient doses are available to use booster doses And people can come Arbitrary demand”.

Hence, at the COFESA meeting, the ministers agreed Invite people For using booster doses. “We need to work on CComplete vaccination schedulesand when applying First, second and third reinforcements”, Visotti said at the end of the meeting.

As he noted, “everyone who has received the last dose should be vaccinated 120 days agoBasically the personAbove 50 years of age, those who have Hazardous conditions, health, safety and teaching staffs”.

Health ministers across the country agreed to speed up booster vaccinations against the coronavirus during a Cofesa meeting (Photo: Ministry of Health)
Health ministers across the country agreed to speed up booster vaccinations against the coronavirus during a Cofesa meeting (Photo: Ministry of Health)

“We’re finding out An increase in the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 virus in the last three weeksIt is equal It is even less “It is not yet dominant in relation to other respiratory viruses,” confirmed the minister and added “Cases increase from time to time Because it is a virus that cannot be eradicated and it does not show a defined seasonality like other diseases.

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Because of the vaccination campaign, he said “so far An increase in the number of cases does not translate into hospitalizations and deaths“, but admitted it”It is important to strengthen security, Especially among people age 50 and older and other age groups with risk conditions.”

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