May 31, 2023

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Diostato Capello was surprised by the acid criticism of Kirchnerism

Daniel Catalano, General Secretary of ATE Capital, Vice President Cristina Kirchner spoke this morning about the sentence in the highway case and asked for a big reaction in a conversation with Radio Provincia: “I think A strong march to the courts is missingThey are objective and subjective assessments of us in politics.

Likewise, he addressed the townspeople and revealed the details of the chats from The Hague and the journey south of judges, businessmen and former intelligence officers: “Portinos and portinas must raise an awareness. Marcelo D’Alessandro should be sacked”, referring to Horacio Rodríguez Loretta, the minister of defense of the government participating in the news.

Daniel Catalano is president of ATE Capital Thelam

The messages, which contained references to “boss” and “lady”, revealed to the judges the “close and corrupt ties” between Kirchnerista officials and businessman Lázaro Baez, and were crucial to the court’s conviction against Cristina Kirchner. So he ditched his former planning minister, Julio de Vido.

Roads: Jose Lopez’s chats were key to the court to condemn Cristina Kirchner and save Julio de Vido.

Venezuela God given hairOne of the most powerful men in the government Nicolás Maduro, used her TV show to talk about Christina Kirchner’s sentencing. He not only expressed his solidarity with the former president but also criticized the lack of mobilization in his support.

Warm people get trapped in their own warmth”, launched Cabello, a former speaker of the National Assembly and a current member of the legislature, on the state television channel (VTV).

Diostato Cabello condemns Kirchnerism after Christina’s conviction

“I’m with you, Christina,” Cabello said. Then there is no doubt how he would perform if he were in Argentina. “I will be with my people in the street to defend President Cristina (sic)“, he added.

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In line with criticism of the verdict, the Venezuelan leader said the sentence had been “sung”. However, he directed a dart towards militancy. “And how come people did not gather and come to defend if they sang?”.

And he reflected:They feel the ivy suffocating them and remain silent”.

However, he later apologized. “Well, excuse me, those are different facts,” he said.

A federal judge in San Ysidro, Sandra Arroyo SalgadoThe question was raised this Thursday LN+Official reactions failure On the contrary Christina Kirchnerand a Double summer of the Vice President on Judicial Proceedings. He said she wanted to “Submit to sentence” like other citizens”.

Sandra Arroyo Salgado questioned the reactions of the ruling party after the conviction of Cristina Kirchner.
Sandra Arroyo Salgado questioned the reactions of the ruling party after the conviction of Cristina Kirchner.catch

In the show Conspiracy of powerConducted Laura DeMarco, the magistrate questioned Christina Kirchner’s defense. “Judiciary cannot be said to be independent and impartial when it favors one person Or they reject it for the crime of illegal enrichment, and not when a sentence is handed down,” he stressed.

The Puebla Committee officially announced the postponement of the meeting “People’s Will and Democracy. From the military party to the justice party, threats to democracy”, which is scheduled for Monday the 12th, in which Christina Kirchner is going to participate. The new date is Monday the 19th.

Vice President Christina Kirchner tested positive for the coronavirus this Thursday, according to reports from her entourage. The former president is stable and in good health at his residence in El Calafate, Santa Cruz.

Christina Kirchner from the Senate
Christina Kirchner from the Senate

This news indicates a change in their activities. His public reappearance after sentencing scheduled for next Monday in an action at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) has been rescheduled for December 19.

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