May 31, 2023

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Diego Brancatelli went shopping in Qatar and was surprised to see prices in dollars

Qatar 2022 World Cup is close to round of 16. Since its inception, on November 20, Fans of each team flocked to the Middle East With the aim of enjoying economical accommodation to cover the costs of the tickets. In this scenario, variables change due to the country of origin and the type of value of its currency in the world. A clear example of this was shown Diego Francatelli, A person who has the opportunity to search for goods in a mall at a promising price. The 46-year-old journalist shared the pictures and was surprised by everything she found.

As the dollar is a global standard, many people on social networks share their experience during the World Cup. that way, Reveal how much it costs to stay, eat, dress and move around All over the territory of Qatar. Among them, the board member from Argensula (C5N), He took to his Instagram account to post the value of various equipment found at the famous Al Ghor Mall establishment.

First, On a corridor he walked, there was a display of only different brands of perfumes. There, he revealed, prices fluctuated between 79 and 149 Qatari riyals. 21 ($6.510) Y 41 dollars (12,710) respectively.

The journalist showed the price of imported perfumes (Photo: Instagram Capture @diegobrancatelli)

Immediately, he approached the footwear industry. “These are coming with me.”, she wrote in a photo where she shared a photo of the $21 black sneakers. And, in another picture, he clarified: “I forgot a big date. They give you 50% back that you can use on your next purchase (which may be immediate)”.

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Meanwhile, in the technical section, It lists the iPhone 14 at $933 ($289,230) and the iPhone 11 at $521 ($161,510).

He also paid attention Electric Skateboards. There, he informed that their price in Qatar is approx $495 ($153,450).

In his stories, he uploaded pictures of the prices of various items (Photo: Instagram capture @diegobrancatelli)
In his stories, he uploaded pictures of the prices of various items (Photo: Instagram capture @diegobrancatelli)

Another area in which he was interested and expressed his opinions was clothing. To his surprise, the shirts sell for a bargain price of $8 ($2,480).

However, in another story, he clarified that the T-shirts are a bit expensive: “They’re not that cheap…$6.50, but they give you 50% back. There it goes in a blow”. On the other hand, he uploaded a picture of a suitcase and wrote his view: “In Buenos Aires they want to charge 55 Lucas per suitcase. Qatar? $71 ($22,010).”

In this way, Clarified that the price offer is different And depending on the country you come from, you may be surprised in your case in a positive or negative way.

He also shared the values ​​of the clothes (Photo: Captura Instagram @diegobrancatelli)
He also shared the values ​​of the clothes (Photo: Captura Instagram @diegobrancatelli)

So things, Spectators look forward to the next matches Y World Cup feverIt culminates on December 18, spreading across the streets of Qatar.

A few days before exhibiting part of his walk, The communicator was the protagonist of a traffic accident. As he said in a series of photos and video uploaded by his wife on Instagram Cecilia WireHistorian of TN Channel, Everything happened in Doha. “They attacked us. I was going to say, we crashed, but no. Boom they beat us! They hit us from behind.”He explained.

A video shared by Cecilia Insigna on her network with her husband Diego Brancatelli

Later, both said after the incident. They had to do insurance paperwork all day And they ended up at a police station.

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Even if the situation is not good, In another story they made it clear that the situation had not worsened They are fine.