May 31, 2023

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Dictator Nicolas Maduro said he was ready to meet with Joe Biden and conditioned his leading man, Alex Chapin, to resume dialogue with opponents of freedom.

Nicolas Maduro said he was ready to meet Joe Biden

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro has expressed hope that it will open this Saturday “Direct, bold, honest and understanding” dialogue with the US government.

“I know who knows when and with whom the possibility of a direct, courageous, honest and understandable dialogue with the US government will arise. I want it to be with the Joe Biden government. If that happens, it’s very good, and if it does not, we will continue our struggle, ”Maduro told the Multistate Channel. Telesur.

However, he considered it With Biden’s visit to the White House, there are “no signs” of improvement. According to his predecessor, Donald Trump, sanctions were imposed on the Caribbean.

Maduro explained that he had attended talks with the opposition that began in Mexico on August 13 and that Colombian businessman Alex Chap had been suspended after being deported to the United States in October.

The Venezuelan dictator said he was ready for an honest dialogue with the United States
The Venezuelan dictator said he was ready for an honest dialogue with the United States

“When we sat down to talk to the extremist, cytosist opposition, we sat down to talk to the US and the US government, in public statements, he pointed out,” he stressed.

Facing it, He described the deportation as a “stabbing to stumble” and the “dismissal” of the talks as an exile. He was considered his predecessor to the United States for the crime of money laundering.

Finally, the Venezuelan ruler added it Major changes must come in the case of Saab’s arrest. To continue the conversation in Mexico, he describes it as “kidnapping”.

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The Venezuelan dictator, on the other hand, confirmed it Your country has left “high inflation”, “Four months after single-digit inflation” began in November 2017.

“As a result of inflation management between September, October, November and December, there is a one-digit downward trend and I can politically declare that Venezuela is coming out of a high inflation level,” he said.

Inflation in Venezuela last November was 8.4%, the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) calculated by the Venezuelan Central Bank (BCV) for the Savista regime; It was 6.8% in October and 7.1% in September. For now, the December data are unknown.

Independent organizations, however, have been submitting reports throughout the year Annual inflation in the Caribbean is over 600%.

Venezuela is the dictator of his country
The Venezuelan dictator has confirmed that his country has left “high inflation”.

Maduro predicts this Economic officials will announce the end of high inflation “in the coming months”, He clarified that it can now be done “politically”.

“Venezuela is taking a step forward, and as we enter 2022, growth, the recession of inflation, and the creation of wealth will allow education, health, housing, income and social happiness to change,” he said. Commented.

In the starting year, he hoped that it would be possible to “manage the foreign exchange market” and “raise the national income” to meet the needs of the economy to move the foreign exchange.

(With information from EFE)

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