May 30, 2023

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Delphina Bonn murder: The photo of the accused in jail was known

The first picture of a suspect in prison

About four days after being admitted to prison in the United States, the first photo of the prison was seen Augustine Lucas Mariani, 20-year-old Argentine man charged with second-degree murder Graphic designer Delphina Pan, She died at her home in Miami Beach.

In the picture that spread later on social networks in the last hours, you can see it The suspect was staring at the camera, with a small bump on his lips and a slight discoloration, Wearing a white T-shirt with purple polka dots.

Mariani was arrested by U.S. authorities last Thursday He was admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital after a suicide attempt following the woman’s murder.

The arrest warrant, which came to light three days after Bon’s death, provided new information about the episode and the relationship between the two, after a strong secret from authorities.

Delphina Pan
Delphina Pan

“As the investigation progressed, the detectives became aware of it The victim (Delphina Bon) and the accused worked at a local restaurant “The official document says. And adds to it In the past, the defendant made several attempts to initiate bonding with the victim, which he rejected.

Friends and colleagues of the designer said they knew the attacker and identified him. “We’re tired of being told we do not know who the killer is. We know him, he is Augustine Mariani. He clung to herHe wanted to put his name aside as a colleague and friend of Delphina, another young Argentine living on the coast of Miami.

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Last week on Monday, at 6:26 a.m. local time, The Miami Beach Police receive a series of calls regarding the stabbing of two men on Harding Avenue, At an altitude of Calle 74, next to the beach where most Argentines live.

Defendant also worked at the same location as the victim
Defendant also worked at the same location as the victim

“When the police arrived At the scene of the incident, he saw a man lying on top of a woman who was fainting with bleeding”, The judiciary confirms the writing. When officers picked up the man, they found he had stab wounds to his body.

Infobe On the Monday that Delphina was murdered, the young woman worked in a restaurant until 4pm, then packed her things and finished packing in her apartment north of Miami Beach because she planned to move in a few days.

The alleged killer was working in a restaurant, but at one point He left without even giving notice: “He kept everything covered in the bar. He left all the chats he had. And then what happened happened. I had planned everything, ”said Delpina’s friend, in front of the San Patricio Church in downtown, where the Argentine priest Roberto Sid held a mass in memory of the victim.

Three months before the attack, Mariani declared her love to the young designer. Then came the harassment, all the time calls, constant messages, even a violent incident in a car. According to her friend, The victim treated him lovingly for fear of what this boy would do to him.

28 years old and graphic designer for Delphina
28 years old and graphic designer for Delphina

A neighbor who was interviewed by the detectives in charge of the case promised the day the woman was murdered Defendant came to Pan’s house uninvited and insisted on talking to her, but was turned down So the girl asked the witness to stay with her until the young man left.

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At the time, police said in a statement that Mariani had taken a knife and stabbed him. “Then, He took off his shirt and stabbed himself with the same knife”, The report adds.

According to information on social media, the prisoner had previously worked as a flight attendant and since February this year she has been in charge of the bar of a restaurant on Lincoln Road. Not sure if he has family or friends in Miami.

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