May 30, 2023

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Daughter of “Putin’s ideologue” dies after car bomb explodes

MOSCOW (AP).- Daria Dukinadaughter 29 years Russian nationalist ideologue Alexander DuginIt is often called “The brain Putin”, died when A bomb exploded in his car. In the suburbs Moscow, informed the authorities on Sunday. Meanwhile, according to data from the Moscow Regional Office of the Russian Investigative Committee, the explosion occurred on Saturday night in an SUV driven by a young woman.

The eruption occurred during Dukina I was returning from a cultural festival He attended with his father, The best defender of the concept of “Russian world” and A In favor of sending troops to Ukraine.

“A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado flew in the air In the village of Veliki VyasomiOn the outskirts of Moscow. The driver is dead.”, forces of order first reported. Eyewitnesses of the explosion described it as a powerful explosion Shake the vehicle in the middle of a lane, Garbage scattered all over the area. next, The car crashed into a fence before bursting into flamesAccording to videos and photos taken at the scene of the events, the news network reported RT.

Numerous pictures and videos of the blast are circulating on Twitter. According to RT, The same Russian ultranationalist philosopher and political scientist whose hands are in his hair in the video recorded at the scene of the explosion is stunned by what has just happened.

Some Kremlin media reports cited the testimony The vehicle belonged to his father And that He had decided to travel in another car at the last minute. A vivid and violent incident, unusual in Moscow Escalating hostilities between Russia and Ukraine.

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Immediately, No suspects have been identified in the blastBut Denis Pushilin, head of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic – at the heart of Russia’s conflict in Ukraine – accused “terrorists of the Ukrainian regime of trying to kill Alexander Dugin”.

In the same way, the analyst Sergey MarkovA former adviser to Putin also told the Russian state news agency RIA-Novosti what Dugin, not his daughter, was probably the intended target. “It’s quite obvious that most of them are skeptics Ukrainian military intelligence And this Security Service of Ukraine”he added.

For its part, Michael PodoliakAdvisor to the President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine denied involvement And said on national television: “We’re not a criminal state, unlike Russia, and we’re certainly not a terrorist state.”

Dukina expressed views similar to those of his father He appeared as a commentator on a nationalist television channel Sauerkraut. “Tasha, like her father, was always in the lead Conflict with the West”, they said inside Sauerkraut This Sunday, in a message, they will name her in the familiar way they called her.

while, The US gave permission for this in March For his service as Chief Editor of United World International (UWI), a website Washington described as “disinformation”. It was added to the lists in July this year Britain sanctions Against Russian figures in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine.

Dukina’s 60-year-old father inspires Russia A country of piety, traditional values ​​and authoritarian leadership, and hates Western liberal rules. And also The exact connections are unclear Dugin with the President PutinThe Kremlin is frequent An echo of the rhetoric of his writings and appeared on state television.

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The political theorist helped popularize the concept of “Novorossiya” [por “Nueva Rusia”] Moscow justified its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula and its support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. Some even point out that he was the real mastermind behind the move in 2014. Years ago he argued that military intervention in eastern Ukraine was necessary “to preserve Russia’s moral authority.”

This is also A He has been a prominent figure in Europe’s “new right” for nearly three decades, but his work is also well known to the “alt-right” in America.

Alexander Dugin in his television studio in the center of Moscow, Russia on 08/11/2016Francesca Ebel – AB

It is known as a A philosopher who took up the tradition of Russian nationalism To support Putin’s presidency. Sometimes described “The World’s Most Dangerous Philosopher”Dugin envisages a new, multilateral global order in which Russia will play an important role.

This man He visited Argentina several timesHe presented his views at conferences in which he questioned liberalism as a political philosophy, which he characterized as the manifestation of a new type of authoritarianism.

AP, ANSA and Télam agencies