March 22, 2023

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Daniel Ortega spent his fifth term in Nicaragua under deep international isolation and surrounded by a handful of allies

Dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, His started Fifth term Five years, Fourth in a row And the second with his wife, Rosario Murillo, As Vice President, Supported by China, Russia, Venezuela and Cuba, he was isolated from the United States and the European Union (EU), which punished his wife and children.

Only three heads of state attended the inauguration: Miguel Diaz-Connell of Cuba; Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela; And Juan Orlando Hernandez, from Honduras.

Who is the 76-year-old former Sandinista guerrilla Has ruled Nicaragua since 2012 without counter-weights, Vowed with Murillo at a ceremony held at the Plaza de la Revolucion in Managua. One day after the establishment of the new National Assembly (Parliament), the ruling party controls 75 of the 91 seats.

Among the guests was the dictator of Cuba. Miguel DiazCanal. “We are returning to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, another sovereign nation that has left the imperial backyard. We come together in solidarity at the inauguration of Brother Daniel. Cuba lives ”Díaz-Canel wrote in a message on Twitter.

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo receive Certificates of Appointment as President and Vice President of Nicaragua
Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo receive Certificates of Appointment as President and Vice President of Nicaragua

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, one of the first leaders to visit Central America, spoke to reporters at the airport about the “unity” and “brotherhood” relations between the two countries.

We extend our congratulations on the exemplary electoral process that the people of Nicaragua have recently experienced., Now the inauguration of President Daniel Ortega shows the vitality of Nicaraguan democracy, “said Maduro.

China, Ortega’s new ally, It severed ties with Taiwan almost 15 years later Will continue in power, will be represented Gao Xianming, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Assembly (ANP, Chinese Legislature), serves as Special Envoy to President Xi Jinping. The Iranian delegation will be chaired by the Vice President of Economic Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Moshen Rezai, and Russia has not announced who will represent him.

Nicolas Maduro arrives in Nicaragua to attend Daniel Ortega's inauguration
Nicolas Maduro arrives in Nicaragua to attend Daniel Ortega’s inauguration

Ordega comes from the regime 2007 After consolidating a governing body 1979 A 1985 And was head of state for the first time from 1985 to 1990. The leader of the Santinista may remain in office until January 2027 and An unprecedented event in the recent history of Nicaragua and in present-day Latin America, it has been in power for 20 consecutive years.

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This was imposed in the election held last November His main political rivals did not attend, because in previous months, authorities had disbanded three political parties and arrested more than 40 opposition leaders., According to opinion polls, including seven presidential loyalists, including the preferred independent Christiana Zamoro.

In response, the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) approved a resolution in which it promised that these elections would not take place. “Democratic is legal” and they are not free, fair or transparent..

Meanwhile, the United States described the election. “Phantomime“, And the European Union (EU)”Fake”, Since April 2018, a popular uprising erupted against the Ordega government, which forcibly neutralized them and Hundreds of deaths and thousands of prisoners and deportations have been imposed on Ortega’s close friends.

A man walks past a mural depicting Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (REUTERS / Maynor Valenzuela).
A man walks past a mural depicting Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (REUTERS / Maynor Valenzuela).

The Chandinista government has blamed.Interruption“Condemning the Charter of the Hemisphere and the Charter of the OAS, its founding document was signed in 1948, A process that takes two years to leave the company.

Various opposition parties have called for a day of struggle in various countries under the slogan.Nicaragua has no state or legal authority”. The Nicaraguan deportees in Costa Rica held a vigil on Sunday night, revealing their rejection of Ortega’s new order, which they consider illegal.

The exiles gathered in the plaza de la Democracia, the capital of Costa Rica, with banners and candles, many of them in blue and white robes of the Nicaraguan flag. The place that became the meeting place of the Nicaraguans for this kind of activity.

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Motto “Ortega IrregularThis was the main message that provoked the protest, which was called by various organizations of deportees and Nicaraguan protesters who had been operating from Costa Rica for months. Nicaragua’s neighbor Costa Rica, along with other countries such as the United States, is one of the main destinations for Nicaraguan deportation.

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