June 6, 2023

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Cynthia Fernandez’s Worst Moment in Her Home Pool: “It’s Dirty”

To brave the high temperatures of the Argentine summer and enjoy the school holidays to the fullest, Cynthia Fernandez and her three daughters – Charis, Bella and Francesca, decided to spend an afternoon at the pool—a result of her relationship with Matías Defederico. However, what started with games and laughs ended with a scene worthy of a horror movie. Through their social networking sites, The dancer recorded the minute-by-minute “dirty” experience she lived with the girls.

Cynthia Fernandez’s Worst Moment in Her Home Pool: “It’s Dirty”

2022 was full of problems for Cynthia Fernandez. Endless media coverage and legal battles with his ex-partner, One of her daughters was hospitalized during a trip to the Caribbean And his constant crosses with various TV personalities are just some of the challenges he has to overcome. And 2023 doesn’t look any better.

A few days after celebrating the beginning of the New Year, Team member T moment His home in Escobar was flooded And had to go days without water while looking for a plumber who could fix the source of the problem. With the crisis already over, a new challenge came: almost completely renovating your home.

Cynthia Fernandez and her daughters (Photo: Instagram @cinthia_fernandez_)
Cynthia Fernandez and her daughters (Photo: Instagram @cinthia_fernandez_)

As he explains on his Instagram stories, he shares the events he experiences on a daily basis, such as high levels of “toxicity” in the water in the area where it is installed and The volume it creates destroys most of its faucets, faucets and various bathroom fixtures such as toilets and sinks.

After sharing the two home dramas with his followers, he had to live anew in the last hours, the same way, he described in his profile. It all started as a fun afternoon at the pool, but as it got dark and her daughters were getting ready for their swim, A warning cry was heard that drew Fernandez’s attention.

“There’s a bird in the pond!” A girl exclaimed, half scared and half curious. Not knowing what to do, ex Dance for a Dream He approached with a cell phone camera to capture what was happening Instead of a duck, he discovered that what was caught in the filter was a bat.

As soon as the four of them realized what was happening, the screams of fear began and the mother told the girls to get out of the pool and into the house. “What an ugly thing,” he shot. While focusing on the animal trying to get out of the water.

Cynthia Fernandez showed the bat trapped in the pond
Cynthia Fernandez showed the bat trapped in the pondinstagram @cinthia_fernandez_

“What the hell, I didn’t save it”, he mentioned a bird that, days ago, had been injured in his garden. Seeing him hurt, she grabbed him and looked for a vet who could help her. Before showing the bat episode, the parrot gives a statement and says, “I was a vet for two hours. I’ve taken care of everything and now I’m going to see how the baby is and they gave me two pieces of advice. He is still paralyzed, but at least we managed to get him to eat.

After two clashes, Cynthia never spoke of the two animals again.A fact that indicates that he was able to find a solution to both crises.


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