March 22, 2023

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Cynthia Fernandez, who went to get a visa to travel to the United States, has encountered an unusual problem

Cynthia Fernandez You can usually share their daily details using their social networks Reality Anyway, on her Instagram stories she shows photos and videos from the best moments of her regular life to the problems in her daily life. Thus, at the last hour he decided to count An unusual problem he had to face An interview he conducted at the US embassy to get a visa.

Cynthia Fernandez, who went to get a visa to travel to the United States, has encountered an unusual problem

process Visa to USA In addition to the long waiting times before getting an appointment, it is very challenging as there are many requirements to be met and interviews with consular officers are not easy.

That is why they do this with the help of some who have to face the entire procedure Managers who specialize in carrying out such procedures. However, this does not give them the assurance that everything flows smoothly and Cynthia Fernandez is a clear example.

Through her Instagram stories, the dancer describes the hurdles she had to overcome in her quest to get the document and He recounted an embarrassing scene he played at the US embassy.

Cynthia Fernandez revealed that almost "poor" When trying to get a visa to the US
Cynthia Fernandez revealed she was almost “poached” when she tried to get a visa to the US.

A few hours after announcing that to his supporters He was on his way to conduct a necessary interviewShe is shown lying in bed with the lights off and reveals that she is still trying to recover from the awful moment she experienced.

“Guys, The nerves I went through were sick. They don’t know what visa waiver is, it’s huge”, He said by way of introduction. And he added: “I already knew I was going to have problems because of my profession.” Conflicts started when you asked what you did and what you said.

At the point in the interview where he had to talk about his work, he explained that he was a team member For us in the morning (Eldrace) Nerves frayed when the consular officer assured googlearlaHis name is not in the search engine. “There is no one who appears on Google more than me. Laughter came from my heart. Thinking: ‘How do I explain to him that I am a walking quilombo?’Fernandez said with a smile.

After much thought, he realized that, of course, The man had noticed the actors magazine Pollo alvarez led, but his name is not on the list Since he recently joined the team.

Cynthia Fernandez bids farewell to Moment D for 2022
Cynthia Fernandez bids farewell to Moment D for 2022Instagram: @cinthia_fernandez_

The misunderstanding cleared up when he clarified in December 2022 that it was a new job. The work year is over T momentThe program aired on the same channel. “I almost turned around and asked people who were there if they knew me,” he concluded. With a touch of humor.

Finally, the process turned positive and Cynthia celebrated with her supporters as, after two years of waiting, she was granted a visa. He also took the opportunity to appreciate the organization of the embassy. “How well everything works there, what education, everything is synchronized. Just like here,” he said.

At this time, he did not specify what his destination is and if it is a vacation trip with his daughters – Charis, Bella and Francesca or whether he will go to America for work reasons.


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