June 6, 2023

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Costa Boric defeats Chile in second round of elections | Polls are in favor of the left-wing candidate

From Santiago

On December 19, Chile will experience the final stages of the most important – and uncertain – electoral process since its return to democracy in 1990. Whoever is the president, Gabriel Borick, Representative of the New Left (Frente Amplio) Together with the Communist Party “I Recognize Dignity” Oh Far-right Jose Antonio Cast (Republican – Christian Community Front) not only to lead the country after the epidemic, but also Batch process With the exit vote, the new Magna Carta will be approved (or rejected) to replace Pinochet.

Apparently there are big differences between the two: Borik (25.83% of the primary vote last Sunday) was the basis for this last process, which led to more than a month of social upheaval after the signing of the peace agreement in November 2019. Millions of Chileans are taking to the streets to protest against the Pinara government (and the political class in general). Pinochet “> Cost (27.91%), on the other hand, has openly expressed support for continuing with the 1980 constitution., The new plan was drawn up during the Pinochet dictatorship “if bad”.

But even more deeply, in Castin’s candidacy, which has the general right – wing rhetoric of politicians like Trump or Bolsanaro, he proposes atrocities such as digging trenches to prevent more immigrants from entering the country, a major hand in crime, and closure. The human rights organization is harassing political opponents, denying rights to the LGBT + community or single women. Borick, on the other hand, focused on change in the model of the economy, tax changes and the strengthening of the concept of science, feminism, the environment and a “caring state”. Precisely the latter, ignoring the issue of crime and migration, allowed Castin to wipe out his speech in Araucania, or surpassed candidate Franco Paris (12.80%) in the North, which came as a big surprise on election day last week. One candidate who did not set foot in Chile through social networks alone (due to the non-alimony order) was able to capture nearly 890,000 votes by speaking out against traditional and strong individual politicians.

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Although it has been repeatedly advertised that the candidate who gets the first majority in the first round will win in the second round, LAs studies -Who has already guessed correctly by giving the winner to the cost- Now They point out that the Boric tradition can be reversed. So, for example, Citizen Pulse states that a left-wing candidate will receive 40.4% more options than the extreme right-wingers who receive 24.5%.

Boric and Alsa

This would indicate a week Communication victories for war It will correct some of the tremors that prevented other candidates on his campaign team from garnering the votes of supporters – especially those on the left, such as Marco Enriquez-Ominami or Yasna Provoste who have already chosen his candidacy with the Socialist Party – but those who use the classic “comrades” and “comrades.”

That week, Borik sought to recruit experts in dealing with the economic sector and to use the terms “Cilian” and “Cilinas” to talk about security and migration, without directly attacking Cast, and seeking the support of those concerned. Such as political actors Former President Ricardo Lagos In a radio interview, he pointed to what Cast had said “They’re not in the Chilean tradition. I do not think that option is good for Chile.” On the contrary, he referred to Boric; “The uncertainty over whether someone like Borick can turn the order in front of us is so central. It should be noted that he dared to sign the contract on November 15 (…). What I am, what my story is, is my past. , This time I have to say “boric”.

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Iskia Chichas, President of the College of Medicine, also attended., The magazine noted Time As one of the 100 leaders for the future and as an important face of President Sebastian Pinera’s public policy as he faced the epidemic. He resigned from the company with a powerful letter, where he uploaded on his social networks: “I am surprised to see my decision, leaving is not in my plans, but important things require great challenges, big sacrifices. Today everything feels so clear, I see my daughter’s face, I know what I need to do.It’s my duty, I walk the path I have never walked before, so I walk calmly because fear and apprehension do not move me, but hope moves me

In the commune of Mybu, which is the second most populous in the country, he was precisely engaged with him in a great deal, where there was no room for Borik to move, and which marked the beginning of a new phase where the outspoken support of President Bachelet was expected. The arrival of other actors moving votes that the candidate should win outside of Santiago.

Cost in trouble

Although Cast says his critics make it a caricature, there is verifiable evidence in a video recovered from social media, such as the statement of Republican Vice President-elect Johannes Kaiser: “Women stop going to the parks. You wonder if it was a good idea.Cost, Kaiser resigned from the community (though not in charge).

Earlier in the week, Cast had to leave with police protection in the populous community of Lo Espezo after a patient failed from the public health organization that was to launch this second phase of the campaign. Indicated by the particular “temperance” of her speech, where the Ministry of Women is no longer going to close and she continues to support speeches on security and migration control.

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This, of course, does not mean that your condition has lost steam. In contrast, eThe ruling party and right-wing economists have already elected him And Health Minister Paula Dasa also joined his command (temporarily resigned and without pay) trying to “compete” with the Siches effect.

Voting for the by-election will begin next Sunday (until December 16). On the other hand, the televised debate is scheduled for December 13.