May 31, 2023

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Corruption grows in Chile as Gabriel Boric refuses Israeli ambassador’s credentials: “This is very serious and unprecedented”

File photo of Chile’s President Gabriel Boric (REUTERS / Mike Blake).

Corruption thrives within and without chile, and the President Gabriel Boric Responsibility is at the center of the scene An unexpected diplomatic conflict.

The incident occurred during the inauguration of the new Israeli ambassador. Kill ArtsilePresented last Thursday at the Presidential Palace currency Along with other diplomats in Santiago to present his credentials, but the president Boric decided to postpone the action for himself.

The Chilean government has not issued an official explanation for canceling the issuance of Artzyel’s letters of credence, but according to high-level diplomatic sources and the Israeli community in Chile, the head of state refused to receive them at the Palacio de la Moneda. To the Israeli ambassador protesting the Israeli army’s actions in the Gaza Strip.

New Israeli Ambassador to Chile, Gil Artzyeli (@Gil_Artzyeli)
New Israeli Ambassador to Chile, Gil Artzyeli (@Gil_Artzyeli)

Ambassador last night Chile Inside Israel Called by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the Government of Chile A surprising decision to postpone the presentation of the credentials of the new Israeli ambassador In Santiago.

“Israel considers Chile’s disaffection and unprecedented behavior very serious. The fact, it seriously affects the relations between the countries”, The Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in a statement posted on the official Twitter account.

He mentioned as Director General of the Ministry A Chilean embassy representative was summoned on Sunday “Israel’s reaction is to hold a dialogue that will clarify the ambassador.”

The controversy escalated as the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas terror group in Gaza hailed Borik’s decision.

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“We welcome the position of the Chilean president, which is in line with international law and resolutions, and we appreciate this position aimed at putting pressure on the Israeli government to stop the continuing crimes against our people,” said Ahmed al-Deig. Advisor to the Palestinian Foreign Minister. The Palestinian health ministry said Israeli forces killed a teenager on Thursday during clashes, the latest in a series of deadly incidents that have raised fears of an escalation in the conflict.

The The Jewish Community in Chile He described the incident asAnti-Semitism” and issued a public apology. “When there is a problem with the world’s only Jewish state, the double standard is called anti-Semitism.. With these actions, peace is not contributed, but instead, Chilean Jews face a hostile, violent and threatening climate,” the group said in a statement posted on its social networks. “The Chilean government must publicly apologize and repair this damage to bilateral relations between Chile and Israel. “It hurts the more than 70 years of friendship and cooperation between the two countries (…) Criticizing the actions of any state can be done in different ways, but never in this way,” they added.

“Without precedent! In violation of diplomatic protocol, President Gabriel Boric refused to accept the ambassador’s credentials. Kill Artsile. Boric must apologize or cause irreparable damage to Chilean-Israeli relations. “His ties to the Chilean judicial community and his country’s global reputation,” he said American Jewish Committee.

Further, More than twenty Chilean delegates condemned the Boric government’s decision. Due to the unprecedented suspension of the ceremony, Israel’s ambassador to Chile, Mr. We condemn the humiliation inflicted on Gil Artsieli, 21 delegates from the Chilean-Israeli Interim Committee said in a letter on Friday. They declared an “unprecedented stench” that the president was “ignoring bilateral relations” with an unprecedented decision and demanded an apology and correction from the government to the Israeli representative.

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Senator Carmen Gloria AravenaThe group’s chairman declared that the incident was “an offense to a country with which Chile has maintained a long and close friendship, but also endangers bilateral relations with that country”.

Aravena, a former member of the right-wing party Evopoli, assured that “there are no memories of a serious incident in Chile in terms of foreign policy in recent times” and asked the government and Boerik to formally ask Israel. Forgiveness

representatives Christian Labe and Christian Moreira of the Free Democratic Union, Next Deputy Bench President, Juan Antonio Coloma, They condemned the president for “importing an international conflict into our country.”

“I want the war to have the same toughness with countries like Cuba and Venezuela, which systematically violate the human rights of their own people.”Sentenced

“Israel does not have any kind of conflict with our country,” Labe, Moreira and Coloma underlined.

Denial of Borik’s approach via social networks has spread around the world. Yellow frameA senator from Florida with Cuban roots said, “The president of Chile’s refusal to meet with Israel’s ambassador to Chile is a shameful and unprecedented diplomatic affront to our most important ally in the Middle East.”

The left-wing politician had previously expressed himself against the state of Israel, but this time the situation was different, as Boric was now president and his attitude opened an unexpected diplomatic conflict between Chile and Israel.

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