May 31, 2023

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Colors of clothes to wear in the New Year 2023

Many Peruvians use a cable of colors to start and end the year.

Most of the festivals we celebrate in Peru are associated with a particular color. For example, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day with red; Christmas Green and New year with Gold or yellow

Each of them has a unique meaning that attracts people. One is to impress Love, Money, Health, Work, among others. Its implementation in clothing is considered Traditions It allows you to attract luck and achieve your goals.

People who have more confidence in themselves ClothesCombine several ColorsEven in underwear, it is a usual Still valid in the country.

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Yellow, white and green are the most used colors in the New Year.
Yellow, white and green are the most used colors in the New Year.

Know what shades you should combine to say goodbye to your outfit New Year’s Eve And give him Welcome to 2023.

Yellow: It is very popular and used. It is believed to attract Good luck, happiness and harmony. This time of year, it can be found in shirts, polo shirts, dresses, shoes and accessories.

Dorado: This is another color associated with the New Year. You can use them on blouses, dresses or accessories. It is related Wealth and prosperity; As well as abundance.

Rojo: From lipstick to pants, it’s paired with a color Passion, self-love and faith. Like yellow, this tone is one of the most purchased underwear.

Verde: Also known as color Esperanza, which can be combined with white, fuchsia or blue. Believers in New Year’s cabals, it attracts money and stability in personal finances.

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Blanco: It is common to see it in the clothes of people celebrating New Year at the beach. reflects Peace and harmony. According to beliefs, it attracts light into your life.

Although they are not as popular as the former, there are other colors that have stolen the attention of Peruvians for their meaning, as well as being combined with a variety of clothing.

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Black, pink and blue are other popular colors to use during New Years.
Black, pink and blue are other popular colors to use during New Years.

Other tones that became popular at this time End of year parties. Take risks with your outfits and try new combinations.

Purple: Sets, divers, blouses and dresses, this color represents spirituality It will fill any room with light.

Brown: It is related Job stability or success Get a job. It is usually seen in separates such as pants or jackets. It’s a tone that never goes out of style in shoes.

Orange: of Excitement and vitality. It symbolizes summer, heat and sunset. Combine gold, blue, fuchsia and black.

Rosa: tone of Softness. Choose the color intensity according to your preference. In summer it is a trend for combinations that can be done in white, gray, yellow or black.

Blue: Inspiration Peace and quiet. Ring in the New Year with this colour, which is classic and a must-have in your wardrobe as it goes with almost everything.

Negro: associated with Stability, strength and confidence. Also considered “lightless”, it goes well with any color we want to pair, from very vibrant to dark.

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Over the years, people have assigned a definition to each color, so on dates like New Year’s, many dresses are often seen in shades that represent a special meaning, such as money, health, work or prosperity.

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