March 22, 2023

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Chile elections: Michelle Bachelet’s overwhelming support for Gabriel’s battle five days after vote

SANTIAGO DE CHILE.- Former President of Chile and current United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michael Bachelet, Announced he would vote for the left-wing candidate in Sunday’s run-off election. Gabriel Borick.

“It doesn’t matter which candidate you vote for, that’s why I’m going to vote for Gabriel Bori.”Bachelet said in a video posted on the social networks of his foundation Horizonte Ciudadano, urging the Chilean people to vote “quietly, respecting those who think differently”.

According to the former Chilean president, “citizens must elect a president who will ensure that our country can truly move forward on the path to progress.” The path to greater freedom, respected human rights, a stable environment and, of course, the opportunity for a new constitution. ”

A few hours ago, the right-wing candidate Jose Antonio Cast He was accused of interfering in the second round after he met his rival. The meeting will take place at the High Commissioner’s residence just hours after the former president landed in Santiago.

“I apologize for interfering in the election of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (…) His preference on Gabriel Borick was understood, but from his position he must meet all the candidates“, He pointed out.

Within a week the people of Chile will be able to define who their next president will be. The difference in voting intent between Conservative candidate Jose Antonio Cast and left-wing Gabriel Boric seems to be increasingly narrowing and preventing the risk of possible repercussions. Discount.

Left-wing constituency candidate I approve of dignity – Supported by former parties Concert After the fall of the dictatorship ruled Chile, the young coalition Wide front And this Commonwealth Party– continues to appear as the leader of options in the poll Shield Company, Had access to Reuters, but with a narrow presence.

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According to this study, a 52% of those polled will vote for war and 48% for caste., Which was a partial winner Round 21 November. In a survey conducted the week after that election, the difference in favor of war was eight percentage points.

Candidates have been adjusting their political plans in recent weeks to get more votes.

The election law of the largest global copper producer prevents the publication of opinion polls on the intention to vote in the 15 days leading up to the election.

The vote has divided the Chileans among the resurgent progressive left, which has since gained traction. 2019 Social Protests, And the counter-movement on the most conservative right that stands firm with Castin’s message of law and order.

Candidates offer Different visions For the future of the Andean nation, it has long been considered a stronghold of stability in a region marked by political turmoil and economic instability.

Kadam points out that with a sample of 1000 cases, Cast was able to capture a good portion of the followers. Moderate right-wing Sebastian Chichel And maintain some support among voters for controversial liberalism Franco Paris, That Never set foot in Chile during the campaign And came in third.

Voters of this economist, however, are more determined to support the war and, on the other hand, are gaining more followers than Cost. Christian Democrat Yasna Provoste, Former MP and filmmaker Marco Enriquez-Ominami And candidate Eduardo Artes.

“This is a very uncertain choice, a very unusual year. It has been two extraordinary two years since the social explosion (2019) and nothing can be predicted.” Said Kenneth Bunker, director analyst at Treskintos Consulting.

“Polls are more or less clear that war has little advantage over caste, I believe it The big surprise of the exam, all things considered, will be Kast. If Cast wins, it will be a big surprise in the electionHe added.

The in Chile Voluntary voting since 2012 Moreover, according to analysts, this is one of the uncertain factors. And, in addition, the referendum is generally higher: in In the first round, 47.6% of voters cast ballots, Participation in accordance with previous electoral processes other than the 2020 referendum to write the new constitution.

Review of the consulting firm Our thing Based on 600 interviews- points out Boric leads with 52.5% of the options compared to 47.5% of Castin.

However, the recent election history is clear. Chile has always had a second round since 1999 And the candidate who won a slight majority in the first round in all processes won.