May 30, 2023

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Chile elections 2021: Cast warns elections could be decided in courts, and calls on voters to increase turnout

Second-round candidates in Chile: Jose Antonio Cast and Gabriel Boric (AFP)

Jose Antonio Cast and Gabriel Borick face off in the most polarized ballot in Chilean democratic history. Both candidates commented to reporters after the morning vote.

The Conservative candidate said the presidential election would be “decided by electoral tribunals” if the ballot results were too short and the difference between the two candidates was less than 50,000 votes. “It simply came to our notice then. A decision was provided by the Survey (Electoral Service), but if that decision is too short, it is clear that the delegates at the polls have a role to play and this can be resolved in election tribunals, ”the Republican leader pointed out. After voting in the south of Santiago.

“If there is a narrow difference, it is important to value (the results) and send a signal of unity and leadership.

The Conservative candidate noted that this would be a “fair” vote. “That’s why it’s important for many people to go to the polls, and if the election is too short, the law clearly indicates that the research college has a role to play, which is to compare with the fingers what the records are,” he explained.

Jose Antonio Cast, My Pain (REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado)
Jose Antonio Cast, My Pain (REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado)

Vice-Chancellor and Alumni Leader of the Left Gabriel Borick called on all Chileans to vote He also reaffirmed his belief that if he wins the election, he will be “president of all Chile.”

“Historical responsibility is immense, I know history did not start with us and we stand on the shoulders of the giants. I hope everyone can be president, ”said the candidate leading the coalition between the Broad Front and the Communist Party after the vote.

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Borick, 35 – the minimum age for running for office – added that the new generation is “entering politics with clean hands, warm hearts and cool heads.” “We firmly believe that Chile is the most humane and most dignified, the most egalitarian Chile. We are going to dedicate all our efforts to where we need to be,” he added.

It was the most polarized and decisive election since the return to democracy in 1990, when two candidates came up with tougher plans than the proposals of the larger center-right and center-left coalitions that have shared power for three decades.

Borick, who struck out as a renewed leftist in 2017, called for the election to go ahead and insisted he respects the results “without installing blankets”. “Whoever wins or loses must understand that democracy is more important than me or the caste. If we lose, we will recognize it, ”he said.

Gabriel Borick voted in the Punta Arenas (REUTERS)
Gabriel Borick voted in the Punta Arenas (REUTERS)

Experts confirm that the outlook is very uncertain, taking into account that in the first round it differed by only two percentage points (Cost 27.9% support and Boric 25, 8%) that the result could be defined as “vote by vote”.

According to the latest polls (one in four, according to the pollster) and the uncertainty about participation, a large number of voters were undecided because only 47% of voters went to the polls in the last poll. Election Survey.

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