May 30, 2023

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Carlos III: The Strange and Exaggerated Obsessions of the King

At the time of his proclamation as king, Carlos III concealed his own accession to the throne: with a Expression of irritation and exaggerated gestureThe assistant had to pick up the case with the pen to make room on the desk, which became a global trend due to widespread criticism on social networks.

Three days later, Starred in another viral moment, And with a pen. This Tuesday, at the end of his visit to Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, he was about to sign a book to end the ceremony when he lost patience, got the date wrong and stained his fingers.

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King Carlos III made an unusual mistake while signing a document and became angry with the pen. (Photo: AP)

Both of these seemingly overwhelming reactions to such trifling difficulties immediately brought to mind the expressions of the butlers of the then Prince of Wales, Carlos and Lady Di, Paul Burrell; Chef Darren McGrady and Tina Brown, editor of The Palace Papers

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Ironed shoelaces and various other manias in the bathroom

In the documentary “Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm,” Burrell revealed some pet peeves. For example, your pajamas and His shoelaces have been ironed Every morning. The bathroom and toilet now seem very special to the king: “The Bathroom stopper It should be at a certain level and the temperature of the water should be just lukewarm. He keeps his wallets right 1 inch toothpick Every morning on his brush,” said the former butler, adding that he had to fill the bathtub Only half.

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In her book, Tina Brown shares that the Prince of Wales sends his “things, furniture and photographs” the day before he travels. In particular, The orthopedic bed you use sends you the toilet seat and your brand of toilet paper Incredible: Kleenex Velvet.

Two plums, one to eat… everyday

Another least strange revelation was made by an actual chef. McGrady described putting two plums and juice in a bowl every morning. The then Prince of Wales ate only one of the plums and returned the other to the jar. When the chef decided to put only one, now the king He filed a complaint and demanded both The strip… however again Leave one uneaten.

Carlos III always traveled with his “breakfast box” of his favorite foods (File photo: Tim Rook-Poole/Getty Images)By: Pool | Getty Images via AFP

According to chef Graham Newbold, another former member of the royal staff, Charles III takes his breakfast box with him wherever he goes: “It has six types of honey, some special cereals, their dried fruit and everything that’s a bit special. Whom to fuss with”

He’s a fan of oatmeal cookies (he even has his own) factory, but he eats them at a certain temperature: “He enjoys cheese and cookies at the end of many of his meals. He’s particular about everything, so he insists they have a certain temperature. To your liking.” Servants place a pan on the fire to ensure the quantity is hot.”