May 30, 2023

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California riots: A disabled woman jailed for breaking her jaw and going unattended for 12 hours

Christina Frost, A disabled woman, was brutally beaten Men’s prison From San Diego, United States. The woman had demanded not to be imprisoned, but the agents ignored her demands.

Frost was placed in a “minimally monitored” room with four men, with whom he had to sleep. Girl at night Was brutally attacked By one of the prisoners His jaw was broken.

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The actions of the prison agents were outrageous: as soon as they were able to intervene in the attack, they removed the assailant from the room and Christina Frost was left in jail for 12 hours with a broken jaw, Waiting for the ambulance.

The intensity of the attack was like that You have to wear the wrong teeth, Mentioned Washington Post. “He suffered severe pain from his injuries throughout the waiting period,” the doctors explained about Frost. She had to have two surgeries on her jaw.

Why was she transferred to the men’s prison?

Frost was arrested on November 25, 2020 and automatically transferred to the Men’s Prison San Diego. At the time of his arrest, The woman told authorities she was a transgender person He also showed them his driver’s license, which provided proof of gender.

However, The authorities did the right thing According to the laws United States. The reason for this is that L.A.The rights of transgender people are not respected By the authorities.

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The same agents were also responsible for describing the report released in February 2020 Transgender people They were arrested for being indebted Imprisonment in institutions on the basis of gender Assigned to them at birth.

The Case of Christina Frost: Back and forth in California

The horrific attack he received Christina Frost In prison San Diego, California, Created a historical and unprecedented event in the laws of North American territory

California riots: A disabled woman jailed for breaking her jaw and going unattended for 12 hours

Governor of California, Gavin Newson, Signed a law that forced the government Transgender people at home by gender identity Is in your document.

Arrange this For the state only California, So inside United States Each state has its own constitution, which contains rules that apply to local governments within the organization.

After the tragic attack, the trance girl The case continued Against California District Officers San Diego, United States.

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This Ignore static requests Frost and his lawyer were transferred to prison with his gender, which would have prevented the severe assault he received.

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