March 26, 2023

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Brigitte Macron: The far right is trying to establish that she is a transgender The pre-campaign in France is triggered by fake news

From Paris

Can Charlotenism wear the legitimacy of a political platform? The answer is yes. Just look Campaigning before the French election With the stoicism that the move toward the 2022 presidential election is inevitable, I agree, then, without believing, to see Charlotenism make a great gravitational pull. The impossible promise of returning to the golden age of full employment and the rhetorical competition for the recovery of a lost paradise pollute discussions and consciences. Soon they will be singing tangos in the election campaign. A sigh from Anipal Troylo’s pontoon and the voice of Polish Goenetchi, “You will never see me like you do …” and “Everything is dead, I know.”

Tainted by the rhetoric of the far right, Basic elections have become an issue The past and the salvation of France With the slogan “The past was all the better”, especially the years before the arrival of Muslim immigrants. Those emigrant hands created the present country, its routes, its buildings, its bridges, cultivated the lands and occupied positions that no white man could occupy. But before that it was better. They say being there now is not migration, but rather “alternative”. According to a CSA poll, 65% of French people across the country think they have fallen.

With Donald Trump and that story, the old Pinocchio idea of ​​those who promoted Brexit in Great Britain is valid, even more elaborate because he has an unrestricted ally on social networks. Some presidential candidates, especially the far-right Eric Jemmoor, Chattering through nets to spread higher frequencies around.

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Whatever happens, everything can become unreliable and very disrespectful. Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has won the prestigious “Peacecat”. This is a conspiracy theory that denies the existence of a pedophile ring run by the Clinton environment located at the base of the Washington Pizzeria. French President Emmanuel Macron received some. Recent doctrine has spread through the circles of the far right – the legacy of Donald Trump – his wife accuses, Brigitte Macron, actually Jean-Michel Trogneux Then it changed gender and name.

French “twilight”

It is unbelievable to believe that people believe these things, but many accept them with confidence. The same belief in the end of France has plagued the majority of the community (65%) for years, which, when observed in terms of voting preferences, is higher among right-wing voters: 78% of Republicans are right-wingers, 80% are extreme right-wingers and 39% are Macron’s nominee, Rep. . Voters associate the fall of France with immigration.

Such a candidate Far right Zemmour. Nostalgia spokesman, France disappears in the past, the country is being transformed by Muslim immigrants And the end of the great past in which he reaped the lands cultivated by other sectors of the far right. His election description is a pathetic tango, which frantically refers to dim times. Society seems to be closed by two emotions: social distrust – any collective change of the present is impossible), and cultural distrust – a sense of discomfort and decline, loss, dilution.

The left side provides confusion and disorder

Left-wing parties that have known for decades how to represent progress and social change are not a tango, but a destructive rap. In the middle of the pre-campaign, they have devoted their energies to extinguishing that perspective without lighting it up, instead of ideas and boundaries, to place the devastating scenes of a general war between its currents and the personalities that make it up. They provide chaos and chaos, which only enhances the feeling of being a safe place for the past.

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Antoine Briestielle (Director of the Jean Jaurés Foundation’s Opinion Laboratory) and Tristan Guevara (expert on political sociology) published a study on this tendency to think of everything as a failed present and the impact of that sentiment on elections. The authors write: “The radicalization of a section of the French public opinion, as well as the existence of political concessions that feed and respond to this sense of social unrest, has the potential to support candidates entering that space.”

Twilight Charlotenism An effective philosophy that guides immigrants and continues to contribute to communities is constantly changing, not by the invasion of foreigners, but by technological oligarchies and their imperialist desire to capture the form of culture, territory, and communication. Write or make movies.

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