May 30, 2023

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Brazil buys only 15 KC-390 aircraft and Embraer announces legal action in the absence of a contract

The relationship between Brazilian Air Force (FAB) And company Embraer It did not pass its best moment. The Brazilian aeronautical company told its shareholders after learning that Brazil had unilaterally reduced the number of aircraft from the initial line of the KC-390 Millennium model from 28 to 15 units by 13 aircraft. Once you have officially received the communication from the government confirming the change of the original contract.

Following the failure of negotiations between the South American country and the Embraer in April, the FAB released an article acknowledging changes in the aircraft purchase agreement – signed by Army Commander, Air Force Lieutenant Carlos. Almeida Baptista Jr. – in which he described the breakdown of conversations as “an unprecedented and undesirable fact in this important fifty-year relationship.”

Nevertheless, the FAB promised to “continue to work with the company to reduce the fleet of KC-390 aircraft to what is considered sufficient.”

“The rest of us as public executives are confident that there is no way out beyond what is legal and fair, and hope that our strategic partners will continue to contribute to the development of a more efficient and frustrating Air Force. For the safety of our Brazil,” the report concludes.

Embraer reaction

The KC-390 manufacturer’s reaction was not long in coming and it announced that it was studying the next steps for its partners. “Once the union has formally announced it, the company will seek legal action related to the economic and financial restructuring of the contracts, as well as evaluate the consequences of reducing the contracts in its business and decisions,” he said in a statement. .

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At the same time, I would like to highlight the export potential of its aircraft, “which offers unique innovations in its segment and has already been acquired by two European countries.” Above all, he reaffirmed his role as “a strategic partner of the Brazilian Air Force in developing and implementing high value technological solutions and products”.

KC-390 at the Dubai Airshow

The Brazilian plane is one of the main attractions Dubai Airshow, Its new version launched yesterday. President of Brazil, Jair Bolzano, Attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and visited the Embraer Stand and boarded KC-390 Millennium.

The Brazilian transport aircraft has already made two sales overseas: Portugal, with orders for five aircraft, and Hungary, with two orders.