May 30, 2023

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Brazil: Bolsonaro pardons police and army | This benefited all uniformed officers charged with a “duty to perform”.

Eight days after taking office as president of Brazil, Jair BolsonaroGiven this Friday An amnesty that commuted the prison terms of the military and police, including those responsible for the infamous Karandru Jail massacre.

The amnesty extends to all law enforcement officers convicted of felony crimes. Actions undertaken “due to a duty to act” or “due to risks”. The security forces confronted.

This feature is directly beneficial Of the 74 convicted in the Karandru Jail massacre of 111 inmates, 69 officers are alive.Sao Paulo, 1992.

The agents were convicted in separate trials held in 2013 and 2014, but never jailed, and due to judicial maneuvering, their lawyers were able to delay appeal hearings in most cases. A symbol of impunity in Brazil.

Bolsonaro’s decision contradicts the recommendations of the National Criminal and Penal Policy. (CNPCP) and may be unconstitutional While presidential pardons must be collective and specific, the pardon directly benefits military police agents in this particular case.

Deputy Eduardo BolsonaroThe president’s son celebrated the pardon on his social networks, saying “justice has been served today” for the police officers responsible for the killings in Garandiru, “whom they have been trying to arrest for 30 years.”

“Army constables who fulfilled their mission by going where no mother would allow even her children to go. The locality housed the most dangerous people in the country. They suffered even though the majority of society supported them,” he said.

Massacre of Karandiru

The Carandiru massacre began on October 2, 1992 and began with a riot in Pavilion Nine of this prison, the largest in Brazil at the time, which housed nearly 8,000 overcrowded prisoners in unsanitary conditions.

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Police quelled the riots with extreme violence. Many of the prisoners were shot dead while locked in their cells. with no chance of defending himself or fleeing.

According to forensic analyzes provided during the investigation111 received a total of 515 bullets, including 126 bullets to the headHuman rights groups claim they were summarily executed.

The man in charge of the operation, the police colonel Ubradan GuimaraesIn 2001 he was convicted of using excessive force, but he did not go to prison and He was acquitted in 2006 on appeal. He was assassinated a few months before his death.

The confusion caused by the massacre led to the Brazilian authorities Close Garandru in 2002And then It was ordered to be demolished Make way for a park.