May 31, 2023

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Brazil: 3 firefighters killed and 6 missing in cave collapse | Rescue crews said the rescue operation was very difficult

Three firefighters were killed and six were missing Since early this Sunday morning The collapse of a grotto In the interior of the state of So Paulo in Brazil. According to officials, 20 vehicles and more than 75 lifeguards were involved in the search.

A team of 28 civilian firefighters They underwent an exercise at the Dos Bogas Cave in Aldinapolis, About 360 kilometers from the capital of Sao Paulo, part of the cave collapsed and exited 10 people are trapped Inside.

According to the Sao Paulo Fire Department, One person was rescued alive And was admitted to a hospital in the area with multiple fractures and hypothermia, others Three firefighters were killed.

The The remaining six Will continue More than 75 rescue workers and 20 vehicles were searched during the operation. Meanwhile, military police said six more people who were not buried in the cave collapse were transferred to health centers with minor injuries.

Recovery is very difficult due to the situation. It is more than a kilometer to go to the campus. Part of the cave collapsed and we are working very carefully to save the lives of the crew, ”Fire Department spokesman Commander Rodrigo Leal told reporters.

Word of the Governor of San Pablo

For his part, Sao Paulo Governor Joao Toria, Who is in Glasgow for the UN COP26 climate summit, said on Twitter that he had arranged for a plane “with geologists and civil defense to assist in the rescue”. “I am close to rescuing civilian firefighters trapped in a cave collapse in Aldinapolis. I determined all the support and resources needed for the recovery“, Wrote.

Christina Trifoni, the mother of one of the instructors who took part in the training, also spoke about what happened. As he explained in his statement to GloboNews, the group planned to spend the night in Groto. “What happened was that the entrance to where they were collapsed. I’m glad.”He said with other family members of firefighters waiting for news of the rescue.

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