May 30, 2023

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Bolsonaro’s millionaire spending with Brazilian government card: Bakeries, restaurants and ice cream parlors | The Lula government revealed that

Former president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent Inside Bakeries, restaurants and ice cream parlors During his four years in government, Lula introduced da Silva’s new administration.

This data came to light as a result of an investigation into the seizure of Planaldo Palace last Sunday. Information is supported Local law on access to public information.

In total, the former president spent 57.6 million reichs during his four years in office. Equal to 5.3 million dollars with government corporate card. However, the surprise was in some of the “superfull consumption”, ie consumption Gourmet restaurants, supermarkets, kiosks, ice cream parlors, fast food outlets like McDonald’s and pet stores.

Meanwhile, 49.5% of expenses were incurred HotelsHe paid one and the same amount at the Guaruja Spa, where Bolsonaro rested during Carnival. $280,770.

Then the food expenses, With 19.9% ​​of the total, Including cost of approx $21,020 A restaurant in the Amazonian state of Roraima sells lunches at popular prices.

581,000 rais in the list ($111,730) in bakeries; At 8,600 rais (1,654 dollars). Ice cream shops; at 408,000 rais (78,461 dollars). Pescaterias; at 21,700 rais (4,173 dollars). Party decorations; and 678,000 reais (about $130,384) At the “Gourmet Market” in Brasilia.

Criticism of Jair Bolsonaro’s spending

Criticism from politicians especially for “extravagant” spending during his government did not wait A far-right leader Its main election banner has always been the fight against corruption, cHe criticized Lula’s alleged irregularities in the use of the presidency’s corporate cards.

“Half the population of a country lives in food insecurity. Bolsonaro found it easy to spend millions with a corporate card on luxury hotels and desserts at the bakery.Deputy Andre Janones confirmed on Twitter.

Gleisi Hoffmann, leader of the ruling Workers’ Party (PT), confirmed that declassification was permitted. Meet “Spenders and Strangers.” Including Ex-President’s expenses 10 accounts of 9,000 reais (about $1,730) in 10 consecutive days at the same fast food location.

“Bolsonaro spent a fortune on a hotel. With the value he spent on that hotel, he could have paid for his stay for eight consecutive years.“, confirmed Deputy Guilherme Poulos, President-elect of the left-wing Party of Socialism and Freedom (PSOL).

Poulos confirmed that the former president called him a “simple man”. He became “the country’s biggest vagabond and spendthrift”.

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