March 26, 2023

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Bolsonaro is extending his silence and fueling speculation about a transition

Bolsonaro, the first president since electronic voting was introduced in Brazil in 1998 to avoid making public statements after the results were announced, spent hours in meetings at the presidential residence, Alvorada Palace.

His aides had speculated that he would announce the poll results this morning, which ultimately did not happen. The Bolsonaro clan, namely their children, are quiet on social networks, where they are usually very active.

Assumptions about lack of knowledge about success Lula It lost strength at noon today after Bolsonerista’s base in the current Congresscall Centrao, made it clear to the ultra-conservative president’s team that they would not support such a move. Rather, communications have already begun with the elected leader and leadership team Labor Party (PT, left).

Jair Bolsonaro, on the other hand, is not expected to ease the transition. The Brazilian press speculated that the president would not coordinate the transfer of power, something common in a democratic system. Indeed, some of his collaborators took it for granted that there would be no formal invitation to congratulate the winner.

Allies press to recognize Lula’s victory

Some allies of the ultraconservative president, who is not seeking re-election for the first time, have already endorsed the second-round result, despite its narrowness. Also, consulted by O Globo, many of them refused to support the lack of knowledge Lula da Silva’s victoryAn option that is still on the table for many Bolsonaroists, especially militants.

A former environment minister and head of the government’s ideological wing, elected deputy Ricardo Salz, was the first to publicly admit defeat and ask Jair Bolsonaro’s followers for peace. The shepherd is shown in the same line Silas Malafaya.

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During the campaign, Bolsonaro expected to discuss the election results only after speaking with them armed forcesBrazilian media recalled that during the first and second rounds, they carried out observational activities at the polling stations.

Meanwhile, on social networks, supporters of the Brazilian president condemned the fraud and there were even those who staged the possibility of a coup d’├ętat again, which is now not supported by the political faction.

The results of the vote in Brazil were published a few minutes before 8:00 pm local time on Sunday. All lights Alvorada Palace, the presidency was frozen after two hours with Jair Bolsonaro making no statement or conceding defeat. He does not seek his profiles on social networks.