March 22, 2023

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Bolsanaro’s discomfort with Alberto Fernandez for working with Lula: he decided that the Mercosur Presidential Summit was virtual.

The speech by Brazilian President Jair Bolzano was recorded during a public function in Brasilia (Brazil) this Tuesday. EFE / Joédson Alves

The Mercosur Summit, Planned in person next week in Brazil, it will finally take place almost. This was announced by the President-led government. Jair Bolzano, It refers to the health reasons for the change that occurred after the arrival of the Ómicron strain on the continent.

Change in the format of the meeting still scheduled for September 16 and 17, but will take place via video conference, This caused suspicion in the diplomatic circles. Brazil’s borders are open and pioneers do not help: During most epidemics, the Bolsanaro government is characterized by a rejection of health measures.

Meanwhile, editions of local newspapers pointed out Geopolitical objectives, Related to the tense relationship between the government of Bolsanaro and Alberto Fernandez and Luis Lacale Bowe of Uruguay. Reports say unrest will break out at Planaldo Palace Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been invited by Argentina’s first president to attend a grand celebration of Democracy Day organized by Frente de Todos at the Plaza de Mayo next Friday, December 10.

“The main reason is the origin of the Ómicron variant, but government sources acknowledge that Lula’s visit to Argentina and virtual aid will help ease tensions caused by the economic conflict with Uruguay.” Published by O Globo Media, Citing sources citing “schizophrenic” positions on the part of the Argentine government.

In Gaza Rosada, the reasons for the change at the regional meeting were dismissed as political. “Yes, it was suspended, but it’s for health reasons,” they assured Casa Rosada before the Infobae query. “There’s a little bit of everything. Uruguay and Paraguay were invited. Lula’s influence may be a percentage, but there are also issues with Uruguay, which is not flexible regarding fees, which has angered Brazil,” a senior official added.

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Bolzano and da Silva face each other in next year’s presidential election in Brazil, where the PT leader plans to run and appear to be preferred in the referendum.

Despite Alberto Fernandez’s video released this afternoon, the government on Friday compared Lula da Silva’s center and denied that the event was a sign of open support for the incoming Labor Party (PT) leader. Brazil election. “It’s more than Lula. It’s a general celebration of human rights, but in a special context it has not been done for a long time due to an epidemic.” They cut.

They promise in the government that the next day’s demonstration for Democracy Day, a few days before the Mercosur summit, will not politically affect relations with the Brazilian government or economic relations. In fact, they promise that the connection with that country will be “better”.

“We know there were thorns, but there was good dialogue and harmony even in the face of Bolzano’s bad statements.” Said at the embassy. “A complex relationship with Brazil has always been clear, but we do not believe that the relationship with Lula is more privileged than Bolzano, they are different things,” they added from the government.

However, since Lula’s invitation, government officials have been a little worried about Bolzano’s reaction to his conversion. “We know him, he’s unpredictable. But whatever you do, it’s talking to your own people. Beyond that, the middle and long-term relationship will not be affected, ”said a ruling party official.

A spokesman for the ruling party said the World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial conference was suspended a few days ago due to health issues, in order to defend the “non-political” position on the transformation of the Mercosur summit. “There is a real danger that presidents could be harmed in Mercosur, and that would be a scandal,” they said.

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