May 30, 2023

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Bolsanaro received “honorary citizenship” of the city administered by the League of Salvini | Controversial decision by the mayor of Anguilla Veneta in the northeastern part of Italy

From Rome

“President of Brazil, Jair Bolzano, Which left a grim memory among journalists who followed the G20’s trip to Rome for the blows and pushes he received from his personal guard, who was granted “honorary citizenship” this Monday. The city of Anguillara Venetta in the Veneto region (Northeast Italy), came his family who lived there in the late 1800s. Also with Venito, Bolzano will have an emotional relationship due to his family origins and other coincidences. The region is mainly governed by the center-right regime, Between those parties Liga led by Matteo Salvini.

Alessandra Puerto, Mayor of Anguillara Venetta, who granted honorary citizenship to the President of Brazil, was the one who conferred honorary citizenship on the President of Brazil and invited him to a luncheon at the Villa Arca House with other members of the Municipality and his party. Holy. “I think you can see that I’m excited. God wanted me to be president of Brazil, and now I respect my family. Thank you for this hospitality. It will mark me for the rest of my life,” Bolsanaro said after receiving citizenship.

During lunch, he left the building to greet the hundreds of supporters who complimented him and posed for a photo with him. Many of them are Brazilians living in the Veneto area. But Opponents of Bolzano also protested in Anguillara Venetta’s Matiotti Square., Including members of the National Association of Partisans (who secretly fought against the Nazi-fascist occupation of Italy during World War II). In another statement, they said: “It is not enough that Bolzano’s grandfather Vittorio was born in Anguillara in 1878 and emigrated to Brazil with his family when he was 10 years old. But according to the Anguillara Municipal Council, it is enough that he belongs to that place because even if he is a criminal, he can still be an honorary citizen.

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On Monday afternoon, Bolzano planned to visit the famous church of San Antonio de Padua, but the hydrantic repression unleashed by about 200 (others say 500) students and police organized in front of that church, apparently they converted him. The Diocese of Padua, with interest, explained in a statement that it would not officially receive Bolzano and that it was somewhat ashamed that he had been granted honorary citizenship when so many voices of sorrow came to the church from Brazil.

Matteo Salvini was not at lunch with Mayor Puso and Bolzano. However, on Tuesday, the head of La Liga will accompany him to the Brazilian cemetery in San Rocco, Pistoia (Tuscany area). “I am very happy and proud to pay tribute to the Brazilian soldiers killed in World War II – Salvini told reporters – because they gave their lives to liberate Italy from Nazi occupation.” Commenting on his meeting with Bolsanaro, he added: “This will be an opportunity for me to reaffirm the deep friendship that unites Italy with Brazil.” He lived for many years in Italy and there.

At the site known as the Brazilian Cemetery, next to the monument to the fallen, there are only the remains of a Brazilian soldier who is not really known, because over the years, the remains of the 500 soldiers who died here were later taken to Brazil. .

G20 and COP26 for Bolsanaro

According to some newspapers, at the meeting of the leaders of the G20 (20 most developed countries in the world) in Rome on October 30 and 31, Bolzano was very isolated. He did not hold bilateral meetings, nor did he hold meetings out of respect. As other leaders did, for example with the President of Italy, Sergio Materella and even Pope Francis at the Vatican. Paulsonaro did not hold a press conference on his G20 decision, which was done by many of his colleagues. Brazilian journalists who followed him near the Brazilian embassy in Rome were in a difficult situation when they were attacked by the president’s personal bodyguards. Some were pushed and beaten, another’s hand was forcibly taken away as he shot the president when he arrived at the embassy and they took his phone and tried to ask him some questions. Some of these reporters complained to the Italian police.

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However, Bolsanaro gave an interview to SkyTg24 television in which he promised that his government would provide more than 20 million anticoagulant vaccines while his country has a population of 210 million. “I can say that Brazil is doing better on this issue,” he said. To combat the economic crisis during epidemics, he added, “I think I am the only head of state in the world to oppose locks and total closures,” which gave governors and mayors the opportunity to make decisions. . “Unfortunately the situation created by some of these decisions has made the economy worse.” However, “Brazil is the fastest growing country in the post-epidemic phase,” he said.

Also on Amazon, a topic that is highly criticized from an environmental point of view, He promised, “Amazon will not catch fire. This is a wet forest. It only burns in the suburbs where the illegal deforestation we are fighting took place.

Unlike most G20 decks in Rome. Bolzano did not travel to Glasgow (Scotland) COP26 launches one of the most important international conferences on climate change. According to a recent study by the University of Adelaide (Australia) and Princeton (USA) and the Universities of Singapore, Brazil is one of the top 10 countries in the world for deforestation. Number of organisms at risk due to use of fertilizers, Co2 emissions and water pollution. It is followed by the United States, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, India, Russia, Australia and Peru.