May 30, 2023

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Bolivia: Opposition parties call off strike over repeal of anti-money laundering law

The activities gradually returned to normal In Bolivia Traders and transport workers call off nine-day strike after opposition factions Up to Repeal of the Anti-Money Laundering Act. Prof. Santa Cruz, Chairman of the Civil Committee; Romulus CalvoAnnounced Pause of power measurement But he warned that “the struggle must continue.” The citizen made the same decision Department of Bodosi, The other center of the protests was the government of Louis Ars, which rated it as a new coup attempt.

Emergency and break

The eastern Santa Cruz, Bolivian region, led to the mobilization against the repeal of the National Strategy for the Legalization of Illegal Profits and the Financing of Terrorism Act, which decided to remove the pressure despite the state of emergency. “We have achieved this feat of the people, but this is only a war. The struggle must continue.”, Pointed out Romulus Calvo At a press conference.

“From this moment on, we will end the indefinite strike and declare ourselves in an emergency and a permanent mobilization,” Calvo announced before emphasizing. Louis Ars administration “defeated” Because, “they could not suppress the people who bravely and firmly defended their rights.”

The decision to suspend the strike was not well received by some departments, Tuesday night, Groups identified with the Crusaders (UJC) in the Union Juvenile surrounded the building where Pro Santa Cruz civic body was stationed to hear Calvo’s resignation., Whom they branded as “traitors”.

For its part, the Bolivian Bishops’ Conference (CEB) called on the authorities to avoid conflict and to enter into an “honest, clean and constructive dialogue on a national agenda” because opening up to an “international state” is dangerous. “Suspicious Constitution” Plans and Laws.

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Traffic and economic activity on the streets of Santa Cruz were re-established on Wednesday after the strike was called off. Meanwhile, the citizen of Potosi, another strong center of the struggle, announced a break room in their mobilization until the end of the year. Remember that A farmer died in Bodosi As a result of conflicts between civilian members and MAS followers.

Despite the repeal of Act 1386, some factions in La Paz announced that the La Paceñidad legislature would hold a large march in support of the re-establishment of two-thirds of the vote and rejected some of the laws “pleasing” the already repealed law. In contrast, government-affiliated social organizations have rallied councils and marches in cities such as El Alto, Santa Cruz and Sukizaka in support of the Ars administration.

Loss assessment and new plan

“We estimate the losses caused by unemployment in some cities and analyze the measures to replace them.”, The President of Bolivia wrote on Twitter, Louis Ars, In a release he attached photos of the cabinet meeting of ministers on Wednesday. For his part, the former president Evo Morales Promised: “Every day, with effort and dignity Working people are defeating the conspiracy attempts of racist and right-wing citizens They are threatening Bolivia’s economy with violent strikes. “

The Bolivian government on Tuesday night issued a decree repealing Law 1386 and publishing it in the Official Gazette., Which is one of the demands of the mobilized departments to end the strike. The scale of the force facing the platforms of traders, transporters, citizens and protesters was pointed out by the government. Try a new plot Like what happened during the 2019 crisis.

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However, some critical voices within the ruling party agreed Failure It was “Socialization” to be done by the Administration and the Ministries Prior to the passage of the law, which the opposition considers to be a violation of civil liberties. In that order, Bolivian government Promised that workingIn conjunction with related departments, He hopes a new law against regularization of illegal profits will be drafted by December..