March 22, 2023

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Bill Gates warned of the next pandemic and asked to be prepared

American billionaire bill Gates warned Australia that Be prepared For the next pandemic, which he believes is man-made and extremely cruel. In this regard, he felt that there should be more global cooperation Be alert “as we do in fires or earthquakes.”

This was presented before a panel of experts at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, where he argued that political leaders should put aside their differences and work together. The next virus.

In that context, he called for greater global cooperation, using the Covid-19 pandemic as an example of how countries can improve their response by working together. “Compare the economic cost of preparing for the next pandemic with the cost of over $10 trillion in economic losses” said. And he added: “With pandemics, we have been fools to not have the tools, practice and global capacity to be prepared like we are for fires or earthquakes.”

bill Gates

Bill Gates insists money is needed to prevent future epidemics

Before vaccines were released, Gates praised Australia’s policies to keep infection rates low. “Somewhat unique is that Australia and seven other countries initially did population-level diagnosis and had quarantine policies,” he said.

The Microsoft founder turned philanthropist said a stable international order based on mutual political will is needed to tackle future pandemics. “The only thing that still hangs in the balance is global capacity and regional and national level, so that when a (pandemic) threat arises, we will act so that it does not go away. Globally,” said.

“We need to do a comprehensive national and regional pandemic preparedness exercise every five years, and we need a global team to qualify everyone,” he added.

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“Disease X”: 25 viruses under WHO’s microscope for fear of new pandemics

Bill Gates is the fourth richest man in the world, his wealth is about 130,000 million dollars, according to the magazine. Forbesand 140,000 million, according to the Billionaires Index Bloomberg. Not too long ago, he pledged to donate half of his wealth to good causes and to strive for equality in the healthcare, energy and education industries.

“Looking to the future, I plan to give away my entire estate to the foundation. I will go down and eventually leave the list of the world’s richest people,” he said.

“The great failure of market capitalism is to consider some of the needs of the poor. Their voice in the market is very small.” said. “You can literally save a life for $1,000, and that should be rewarding,” he said.


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