May 31, 2023

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Benedict XVI dies: 4 scandals of his papacy culminate in his historic resignation

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI fHe passed away at the age of 95. During his eight years at the helm of the Vatican, his papacy was marred by numerous scandals. This led to an unprecedented and historic resignation in February 2013, paving the way for his successor, Pope Francis..

On April 19, 2005, the former bishop of Munich Joseph Aloysius RatzingerJohn Paul II was elected posthumously by the cardinals who voted in the conclave, for which he became the seventh sovereign of Vatican City.

The 265th Pope had to dictate the designs of the Catholic Church during one of the most difficult moments in its long history. Complaints for many crimes committed within the company damaging its image in the public eye.

while, His resignation on February 28, 2013, was considered “revolutionary” and exceptional in the history of the Church.. Although Ratzinger himself assured that this was a personal decision due to his health or “his declining powers”, it was related to the pressure of scandals he had to face as head of state and church. The faith expressed in 2016 was confirmed in the book.

Ratzinger took over after the death of John Paul II.

Since then, The pope accepted the title emeritus with the intention of devoting himself to prayer and spiritual retreat Due to his physical deterioration leading to blindness.

Vathylakes: Allegations of “corruption” and “maladministration”.

In 2012, the “Whatleaks” scandal erupted.An Italian TV media outlet revealed the letters sent Benedict XVI By Carlo Maria Vignano, Papal Nuncio of AmericaIn it he denounced “corruption” and “maladministration”..

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Far from staying there, Italian Gianluigi Nuzzi published a book in May of that year with a hundred new leaked documents Sowed more doubts from the Vatican into the Holy See and reconciled Ratzinger.

For this, the Vatican judge decided to investigate the Pope’s former butler Benedict, Italian Paolo Gabriel. N Su Casa, Documents stolen from the papal residence were recovered, as well as a check for 100,000 euros in Benedict’s name..

Joseph Ratzinger 20211109
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Besides, They found a gold nugget and the publication of the Aeneid of 1581. In self-defense, Gabrielle admits that she did “theft of secret documents” because he saw “evil and corruption in the Church”..

Covering up sexual abuse of minors

Another controversy Ratzinger had to deal with was the alleged cover-up of sexual abuse of minors.. Although this situation became known after the Pope, he was accused Benedict XVI Must have knowledge of violations prior to coming to the Vatican.

Everything came to light only after the release of the report of the Law Commission Westpfahl Spilker Wastl About cases Sexual abuse German religion and its related minors Collect almost 500 Violations against minors.

Benedict Ratzinger
Ratzinger refused to be transferred to a clinic.

The investigation put Ratzinger in the eye of the storm The report held the pope emeritus responsible for not taking action when only four cases were known. At the time, he served as archbishop and had full authority to remove an abuser from his post.

On the contrary, Benedict XVI participated in a meeting on January 15, 1980, in which he addressed the situation with an “accommodating” perspective when criminals received therapeutic treatment in Munich..

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The abuses extended beyond Ratzinger’s tenure as archbishop of the region They continued to work in different parishes.

Benedict Ratzinger
Ratzinger resigned in 2013.

In this regard, through a letter issued earlier in the year, “The Embarrassment and Shame of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Clergy” and revealed “His personal closeness and his prayers for all the victims, some of whom he met personally during his apostolic journeys.”.

Homosexuality, the “Antichrist”

In a biography approved by Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI Gay marriage was questioned with the “devil”.. In this sense, he considered it I saw the “Antichrist” work in this kind of relationship.

A hundred years ago it would have been considered ridiculous to talk about gay marriage, and today we are ostracized when we oppose it.“, Sutu assured The same thing happens when we talk about “abortion” or “the creation of humans in the laboratory.” A clear reference for babies born through IVF.

Vatican Pope Benedict XVI has been accused of inaction against pedophilia

Thus, he said:Modern society creates a religion for the Antichrist, which involves being cast out of society when one resists.”.

“Crime of Request”

Ratzinger, who was John Paul II’s chancellor, was one of the principal architects of “regulating theSolicitation is a crimeThat is, a grave sin or offense against the sixth commandment.

Although bishops previously had the authority to determine the future of those who committed these crimes, The Vatican Tribunal assumed exclusive jurisdiction over these issues. This prompted a lot of criticism from the bishops, who they saw as an “unfair” usurpation of their authority.

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Benedict Ratzinger

The Vatican Some bishops justified the decision to protect priests, but the situation did not improve once the Holy See had the exclusivity to prosecute. For priests who have committed crimes such as sexual abuse of minors.

Ratzinger lived to be 95 years old, eight of which served as the highest authority of the Catholic Church. In the same way, his religious life was more extensive and marked by many controversies than mentioned.

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