May 30, 2023

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Austria announced on Monday that it was imprisoning those who had not been vaccinated since

Entrance to the Vaccine Center in Vienna (Reuters)

The Austrian government decided this Sunday to start from next midnight The new social restrictions are only for those who have not been vaccinated or cured of Covit-19.

“The situation is serious. The fourth wave (epidemic) affects us completely. This is due to the delta variant (virus), but it is also due to the low vaccination rate, ā€¯Federal Chancellor Alexander Shalenberg told reporters.

65% of adults are vaccinated in Austria, Thus the country is at the bottom of the list of Western European countries.

Since Monday Those who have not been vaccinated and not cured of Covit-19 can leave their home only for certain activities such as going to work, studying or shopping at essential stores. In addition, they can go outside to get to the doctor, get vaccinated or go for a walk.

However, Shopping in non-essential shops, restaurants, bars, gyms and cultural and sporting events will be banned., Among others.

There will be announced activities Approximately controlled by the Austrian Police, With Penalty 500 euros for individuals and up to 6 3,600 for non-compliant companies.

Vienna Christmas Exhibition Warns About Immunization Level Tests (AFP)
Vienna Christmas Exhibition Warns About Immunization Level Tests (AFP)

The rule will be adopted by the Austrian parliament tonight The initial ten-day period (Until November 24), with the option of being extended later, requiring a new parliamentary vote.

Measure It affects about 2 million people out of nearly 9 million people, The news agency estimates What. This does not apply to children under the age of 12 because they are not nationally accredited to receive the vaccine in Austria.

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Schallenberg said this Sunday that there are about 1,700 cases per 100,000 people in seven days among the unvaccinated population in Austria, which has a strong upward trend.

Meanwhile, there are 383 cases per 100,000 people vaccinated, with a downward trend, the federal president added.

Therefore, Schallenberg pointed out, The government should protect people who have not been vaccinated or cured so as to reduce social interactions between all sections of the population.

The percentage of vaccines is shamefully low and we cannot get out of this vicious circle (infection) without raising it.Said the Austrian Chancellor.

So far, about 11,700 people have died from the corona virus in Austria. The daily increase in cases reached more than 13,000 new infections on Saturday. 11,552 new cases were reported this Sunday, a significant increase (8,554) compared to last Sunday. Infection rate for seven days 775.5 new cases per 100,000 population. In comparison, in Germany, which is experiencing a strong fourth wave, it is 289.

Vaccination of children

From Monday, Vienna will become the first EU region to provide vaccines to children between the ages of 5 and 11 at a vaccination center in the capital.

When the record opened on Saturday, the city said it had recorded appointments for more than 5,000 children.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has not yet approved the use of any vaccines for this age group, although member states have the right to do so in the event of a public health emergency.

Last week, the government had already said that only those who had been vaccinated or survived the virus would be allowed to enter restaurants, hotels and cultural sites.

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(With information from EFE, AP and AFP)

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